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horny goat weed: a natural herb for libido and mood
August 2st, 209 By Dr. Edward F. Group Horny goat weed is an incredible herb with a funny history. A Chinese goat herder noticed that animals who ate the plant's leaves had an increased interest in sex. This incredible herb doesn't only work for goats! A tim ... read more
the rise and reversal of anxiety and depression
Rosanne Lindsay - Panic attacks and anxiety episodes are rising in the population. ... read more
europe could produce enough wind farm energy to power the whole world for 30 years, new study shows
This exciting new study from the University of Sussex shows that Europe alone could feasibly produce enough wind energy for the entire Earth. ... read more
best ways to take cbd oil: oils vs. gummies vs. capsules vs. vapes
Sofia Adamson - Let's discuss the best ways to take CBD oil and focuses on oils, gummies, capsules, and vapes. ... read more

 petition in favor of russian adoption (family / adoption / )

Please sign the petition (at the bottom of this post) in favor of Russian adoption. I did. My wife and I adopted from Russia in 2007. You can watch the videos here and here. Of course it has been difficult at times -- she's a child, after all -- but it never once ... read more

solar freakin' roadways! (education / technology / )

Amazing! I love this! See And a nice song at the end, too! Here's their website: ... read more
the 4 main causes of climate crisis and the "event" we're climaxing to
August 22nd, 209 By Open Climate Crisis is now escalating day-by-day, in such a major way, you have to ask, is it really only manmade? What if there are at least 3 other contributing factors that are beginning to dwarf the CO ... read more

in the air again (family / adoption / holmes)

Sunday, November 25, 2007, 5:00pm CST We're in the air on our way back to Moscow. Delta Flight 46. The current in-flight movie is Evan Almighty, which we saw on one of our other flights to or from Moscow last time. You know, when you jet back and forth like we ... read more
new study reveals how adhd drugs 'alter the structure of children's brains'
Elias Marat - Researchers are warning doctors to hold off on issuing popular ADHD drugs. ... read more

 antibiotics can have severe lasting effects (life / health / )

Antibiotics can have severe lasting effects; choose raw horseradish or these natural remedies instead from Antibiotics can have severe lasting effects (NaturalNews) Antibiotics should really be a last resort when you are feeling unwell, and the misuse of them i ... read more
zoo locked down when gibbon swings out of enclosure
A British zoo was placed in temporary lockdown when a gibbon accidentally escaped from the monkey enclosure at the facility. ... read more

 stupid sayings (culture / humor / jokes)

Save the whales. Collect the whole set. A day without sunshine is like, night. On the other hand, you have different fingers. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. 99 percent of politicians give the rest a bad name. I feel like I'm diag ... read more
monsanto paid google to censor results — operated fusion center to discredit journalists and a
Aaron Kesel - Monsanto (Bayer) operated an intelligence-gathering fusion center, to discredit journalists and activists. ... read more

 hotdog from reggio's (life / travel / )

At Chicago, Illinois (4.883222, -87.632496) Just had a hotdog from Reggio's at O'Hare. I'm told that's a real Chicago style dog. It was good! ... read more

 winter has arrived (culture / writing / blog)

It's been snowing all day, at least an inch and a half accumulation. Earlier, I put some de-icer on the driveway in preparation for tomorrow morning. Before that, I had to walk the dogs in the snow. You know, pugs don't like snow. It just really throws them off, h ... read more

 san francisco in 1906 (education / history / )

Things were a lot more freely-moving back then. And the kids seemed to be having fun. Reminds me of Russian traffic today, only they have slightly newer forms of transportation now. :) via san-Francisco-905-historical-footage A film taken from a streetcar trav ... read more