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 covid-19 swab test burst woman's brain membrane resulting in leaked spinal fluid ( in life, health, covid )

Natural News – by Ethan Huff A Texas woman suffered a horrific membrane rupture after a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) nasal swab test punctured her brain... Covid-19 swab test burst womans brain membrane resulting in leaked spinal fluid appeared... full artic ... read more

 researchers report that deaths from covid "vaccine" for israel's elderly ( in life, health, covid )

While in January a group of independent doctors concluded that experimental COVID-19 vaccines are not safer than the virus itself, a new analysis of vaccine-related death rates in Israel demonstrates that this may indeed be the case to dramatic levels. The post... ... read more

 is patriot streetfighter legit? ( in education, research, conspiracies )

Anonymous says... "He leaves the impression that military action is imminent without actually saying it. He's very careful not to say it. Trained propagandist. So, of course YouTube has not de-platformed him. In fact, the short video has a higher than normal ... read more

 one indonesian man manages to stop drought and bring fortune to his village by ( in education, science, trees )

A rural countryside in Indonesia has one man to thank for saving their drought-prone village. 65-year old Pak Sadiman is a local farmer and father of two who lives in... One Indonesian Man Manages To Stop Drought And Bring Fortune To His Village By Planting 11,000 ... read more

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Long before winning the lottery and running for president, Benny was living in L.A. working as a temporary word processor (glorified typist). For his latest assignment, he thought he was taking just another temp job. He didn't anticipate Venelia and the Dynamos. The what?

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fauci, smoking gun evidence, pandemic fraud; memo to ohio congressman jim jordan
Note: I hope readers will forward this article to Congressman Jim Jordans press secretary, Russell Dye: russelldotdyeatmaildothousedotgov Recently, in a Committee hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan and Anthony Fauci crossed swords. 0 Jordan was demanding to know, from Fauci ... read more
go to get gas and this happens
ROC City Auditor Apr 17, 2021 This is complete bs in Minnesota. A lot are asking for context in regards to this video. Well to... From the Trenches World... full article here ... read more
diversity comes to the cockpit: "the next time you board a plane, do you want tom
Guest Post from Blue State Conservative: United Airlines has decided that its time for a little makeover. The airline is not going to do that by changing its paint scheme, its in-flight service, or its billing structure. No, its got a much more ambitious objective ... read more
spaceship-inspired new mexico house for sale
A home for sale in New Mexico is gaining attention online after the current owner spent 21 years filling the interior with spaceship-inspired... full article here ... read more
russia, iran and a swift nuclear first strike
Jim Sinclair, ages ago, told us that the moment the Obama administration threatened the Swiss with SWIFT expulsion over opening up its vaunted banking privacy rules was the equivalent of a nuclear first strike. Previous to this threat SWIFT was as unknown to most ... read more


hospital charts ( in culture, humor, jokes )

NOTATIONS ON HOSPITAL CHARTS Actual Sentences or notations Found In Patients' Hospital Charts (Proves that those medical folks are right on top of things. 1. She has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was very hot in bed last night. 2. Pati ... read more

laurence j. peter quote ( in culture, quotes )

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." -- Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Principle ... read more

orwell quotes ( in culture, quotes, politics )

"No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end." "All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force." "If liberty means any ... read more

emissions test ( in culture, humor, auto )

A mostly one-way text conversation I had with my wife, Tara, yesterday while she worked and I tried to get her car emissions tested. I was laughing at my own situation after a while, wondering what could possibly go wrong next. I never did get it tested because ... read more

laurie halse anderson quote ( in culture, quotes )

"Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance." -- Laurie Halse Anderson ... read more


dolphins speak in holographic language ( in education, science, zoology, language )

Very cool! Read the rest of the article at scientists-reveal-that-dolphins-speak-in-a-holographic-language/ UPDATE: The commenters are mostly unconvinced. ... read more

celebrities born in sacramento ( in education, history )

Here Read the rest of the article at imdb.com are several celebrities born in Sacramento (my home town), in alphabetical order by first name, and only the ones I've heard of. Click their name for a duckduckgo search. Adrienne Barbeau Adrienne Jo Barbeau is ... read more

mit creates solar cell from grass clippings ( in education, tech )

MIT creates solar cell from grass clippings "A researcher at MIT, Andreas Mershin, has created solar panels from agricultural waste such as cut grass and dead leaves. In a few years, Mershin says it'll be possible to stir some grass clippings into a bag of c ... read more

ancient origins website ( in education, history )

Possibly interesting. See their website or RSS feed ... read more

bush found guilty of war crimes ( in education, news, politics )

Bush Found Guilty Of War Crimes Too bad nothing will come of it, but it's nice to see, anyway."In what is the first ever conviction of its kind anywhere in the world, the former US President and seven key members of his administration were today (Friday) ... read more


holmes family newsletter vol 3 no 7 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

The Leaky Faucet Vol. 3, No. 7, October 14, 1991 Mike lands great job! Michael has been named Executive Producer of Cal State Stanislaus' new bi-weekly cable television show. It will basically be a show focusing on happenings on campus, and Mike is in charg ... read more

walking the dogs ( in family, pets )

It's something I do every night. I actually stopped for several months starting in May, I guess, when my back problems flared up. Then came my knee surgery, which kept me from walking much. Then I got to where I enjoyed not having to walk the dogs every freakin' n ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 6 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

the NEWS Vol. 2, No. 6, April 16, 1990 Back in spite of popular demand. WORLD NEWS Mike is back from Germany and looking very European. (Fancy haircut, pale complexion, but otherwise healthy.) He's having trouble getting used to speaking English aga ... read more

in the air again ( in family, adoption, holmes )

Sunday, November 25, 2007, 5:00pm CST We're in the air on our way back to Moscow. Delta Flight 46. The current in-flight movie is Evan Almighty, which we saw on one of our other flights to or from Moscow last time. You know, when you jet back and forth like we ... read more

travel day ( in family, adoption, holmes )

We fly out today. It would've been nice to have gotten one last good night's sleep, but the cat made sure that didn't happen. Stupid cat. Anyone want one? Seriously. She's very pretty; and sweet when she's not keeping you from sleeping. I'll miss the pugs while we ... read more


researchers report that deaths from covid "vaccine" for israel's elderly ( in life, health, covid )

While in January a group of independent doctors concluded that experimental COVID-19 vaccines are not safer than the virus itself, a new analysis of vaccine-related death rates in Israel demonstrates that this may indeed be the case to dramatic levels. The post... ... read more

minimum wage adjusted for inflation ( in life, money, employment )

I don't agree with this calculation, but, for what it's worth, my brother sent this out recently. 50 years ago the minimum wage was 1.25 (1963). See dol.gov/whd/minwage/chart.pdf. A 1963 dime (90% silver) is now worth 1.9 19 x 1.25 $23.75 That's what the ... read more

monsanto funded anti-gmo labeling campaign ( in life, health, food, politics )

Activist Post: Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Gets Away with Impersonating Govt. Agencies. Corporate scum at their worst, or is this merely typical?"Misuse of a United States government seal can lead to a $250,000 fine, twenty years in prison, ... read more

environment ( in life, health, environment )

New technique to produce hydrogen fuel from waterOld footage from BP relief well oil blow-out: bp.concerts.com Environment Ford's hemp-powered, hemp-made car Leave the trees, please Tornadoes Raw video of Nashville tornado aftermath (2 mins) Actual environme ... read more

the 'world's loneliest elephant' is moving to a sanctuary with other elephants, ( in life, animals, elephants )

Read the rest of the article at sunnyskyz.com/good-news/4051/The-and-039-Worldand-039-s-Loneliest-Elephantand-039-Is-Moving-To-A-Sanctuary-With-Other-Elephants-With-Help-From-CherUPDATE: See update ... read more