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france doesn't want to see new brexit delay, pm johnson was 'underestimated' — mac
France doesn't want to see new Brexit delay, PM Johnson was 'underestimated' — Mac ... read more
not another dollar! russia & turkey agree on settlements in national currencies
Moscow and Ankara inked an agreement on using Russian rubles and Turkish lira in mutual payments and settlements, the Russian Finance Ministry announced on Tuesday. ... read more
'90s bands that are *still* around, expensive seafood, and video game companies are all on the f
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what is worse than being spotted on an e-scooter? being the first one in your city to get charged wi
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pro-pyongyang students break into us envoy's residence in s. korean capital
Pro-Pyongyang students break into US envoy's residence in S. Korean capital ... read more
project veritas starts dropping massive cnn exposé claiming to uncover 'anti-trump crusad
Project Veritas has dropped what it claims is a bombshell expose on CNN, including secret recordings of staff at editorial meetings which reveal an "anti-Trump crusade" and "bias" at the highest levels. ... read more
luggage too heavy? just wear everything [amusing
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bet he goes for jury nullification on this one. it's his house, after all [facepalm
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'tough love' with turkey got syria ceasefire done — trump
US President Donald Trump hailed the news that Turkey agreed to halt its operation in Syria pending the withdrawal of Kurdish militia from the 'safe zone' along the border, crediting his "tough love" approach for th ... read more
teen collects hundreds of barbies with prosthetic legs for kids just like her. um, aren't all ba
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uk settles iranian bank's damages claim via 3rd country to sidestep us sanctions — reports
The United Kingdom has reportedly used a third country to bypass US sanctions in settling a $1.6-billion damages claim with Iran's Bank Mellat. ... read more
pregnant? mercury from dental amalgam fillings + exposure to wifi and other emfs = "possible me
Pregnant? Mercury from Dental Amalgam Fillings + Exposure to WiFi and Other EMFs = "Possible Me ... read more
hundreds of e-scooter users have lost their driver licenses to brewhaha [amusing
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worthville treasurer steals nearly $50k from borough, proving crime does not only not pay, it's
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the man who testified against amber guyger ran into a bullet several times in the parking lot of his
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russia offers to set up 'grain opec' to ensure stability & solve problem of world hunger
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksey Gordeyev has suggested creating an organization of grain exporters similar to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). ... read more
neuroscience reveals how a 50-year-old can have the brain of a 25-year-old
Science is revealing various mindfulness techniques that can literally change and restructure our brain. Neuroscientist Sara Lazar from Mass General and Harvard Medical School is one of the latest to illustrate this. After she sustain ... read more
on this day in history, in 1906, a shoemaker led german soldiers in a robbery by posing as an office
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oops, sorry! twitter 'inadvertently' feeds users' emails and phone numbers to advertiser
Twitter has issued a mea culpa after realizing that phone numbers and email addresses provided by users for "security purposes" had been accidentally handed to marketers, helping them target advertisements online ... read more
'weird rituals & fantasy language': dutch father who held 6 children underground for 9 years
The father of six children who spent nine years in a farmhouse basement was a former Moonie "trying to create a cult of his own" and has been arrested for holding his brainwashed offspring against their will, Dutch media r ... read more
The experts always know best...or do they? Join us today on The Corbett Report podcast as we scrutinize the media's ready reliance on "experts" to say what the establishment wants to be said, and what this practice means ... read more
and the new victim class on campus is legacy students [facepalm
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? i see a bad unit a-rising, i see trouble on the way, i've been pissin' friggin' lightn
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united states drinking water pollution could cause 100,000 cancer cases
While the push for reducing carbon emissions is stronger than ever, there are plenty of environmental issues that deserve just as much, if not more, attention. One of those issues is the pollution of our water systems. This is a globa ... read more
remember when salon loved all the wrong men? salon does [interesting
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"flash drought" brings dread to farmers, who apparently don't get the cw in the south [scary
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egyptian archaeologists find a sour cough, i guess [interesting
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old and busted: cop suspended and sued for anal cavity search. new hotness: cop suspended and sued f
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what's in a label?
We in America have become part of a herd mentality, easily swayed into trusting labels as gospel. Labels give us information from which to make decisions when it comes to how we choose to eat and live. We believe labels are a form of ... read more
macron found out about us withdrawal from northern syria thanks to twitter
French President Emmanual Macron has revealed that the first time he learned of the Trump administration's decision to pull back US troops in the northeast of Syria was on Twitter, "like everyone else." ... read more
devonshire, uk halts the installation of 5g over serious health concerns
Seeking real information and gaining critical awareness is now more important than ever. In a day and age where mainstream media promotes only corporate agendas and our federal health regulatory agencies are completely ignoring a numb ... read more
news from the constitution-free zone: border patrol using biometrics for "citizenship checks&qu
News from The Constitution-Free Zone: Border Patrol Using Biometrics for "Citizenship Checks&qu ... read more