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Artwork | Dance | Fashion | JokesImages | MoviesTV | Music | Photography | Quotes | Sports | Stage | Writing Jana's Palickovanie art ... read more


   Slovak art by Jana... read more

Leaving Zazzle

Here's my goodbye letter to Zazzle. Yes, it's awfully bitter and "conspiracy theory"-ish, but I was upset. :) Your new policy sucks, big time. And when I tried to create something new before the deadline [after which they start ... read more

DIY arts and crafts

If you've ever felt the need to do it yourself when it came to one of your craftyartsy ideas, you might try CafePress and make something exactly as you want it. Yes, we'll get a small commission. ... read more

Kokopelli stitching

Jana's "Kokopelli" stitching ... read more

Regenerated Sep 19 2019