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Online Radio stations Beat FM AOL Music Pandora Margaritaville Live365 Listen Shoutcast Spotify Yahoo Music Satellite from Don (ca. 2010) As broadcast radio continues to drive itself into ... read more


  Artwork | Crafts | Dance | Fashion | JokesImages | MoviesTV | Photography | Quotes | Sports | Stage | Writing Five apps that should make middlemen nervous music-related website, noisetradempjAileen's new ban... read more

Knots by Anna Nalick

  Wow, great vocals. My current favorite UPDATE: Here it is at YouTube. Maybe one of these links (here or here) will work for you if you have Amazon Prime.... read more

Mongolian throat singing

  This (Wolf Totem by The HU) is wild. Surprisingly catchy... and a little bit scary. My daughter says it sounds like it's from a horror movie. :)... read more

Good album

  Dido's latest (here) is pretty good, FYI, if you generally like her music.... read more

USB turntable

I'm buying one of these: USB turntable. I've been wanting to convert my old vinyl records to MP3 for quite a while now. I hope it works! UPDATE: I wish I'd read this first: cnetnewsusb-turntables-worst-ever-audio-product... read more

All-time favorite songs

  Or, what I'd want on my MP3 player if stuck on a deserted island (with rechargeable batteries and a solar-powered battery charger). A bunch of songs have been left off simply because they've been played to death. Some songs are on her... read more

Mucho Macho Man grooves to his song

Breeder's Cup Classic winner Mucho Macho Man grooves to his song... read more

Newly discovered radio station

I just got my car back from the shop. $1500. Ouch! On the way home, though, I turned on the radio. All my preset stations were gone. Right. Whenever they reset the onboard computer, it resets my radio station presets. Kinda weird that... read more

Mr. Happy's 18th annual unusual Christmas music podcast

Seasons Greetings, You can "tune in"* via your favorite mp3 player to the show: radio showWhat can you expect to hear? About 500 songs (over 24 hours of non-repeat music!) that fall into one or more of the following categories: m... read more

Old music, newly uploaded

  Here's some piano music I've composed over the years, mostly from the late 80s and early 90s. I rarely play nowadays. None of the compositions (if you can call them that) had names until just now. And none of it is very professionally... read more