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Family Members Survive the Middle East

by bill - 2020-03-15 - ( life / holmes / bill / travel )

The headline is purposely misleading (a la my old newsletter), just because I can.

My brother and his wife "just returned from our 16-day trip to Dubai, Egypt and Jordan. It was a great trip and at no time did we feel unsafe (except in the crazy traffic). In Egypt, we had a tour guide and a security guard with an Uzi at all tourist areas. Jordan and Dubai are pretty safe anyway, so no security guard was needed.

Today, we heard from one of our fellow travelers in our Egypt group, a doctor with expertise in the study of viruses. He told us that on another Nile River cruise boat, a large number of guests had tested positive for coronavirus just two days after we had left our boat. He said we dodged a bullet!"

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