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Yale's Massively Popular Happiness Course

( life / health / mental )
In just the past month, more than 600,000 people in an increasingly housebound world have signed up for Yale's "The Science of Well Being," a course originally taught on campus by psychology professor Laurie Santos.... read more

Dumbing Yourself Down

( life / health / mental )
Be careful when . Before you know it, you will "succeed." #dumbingusdown... read more

Six Exercises For Happiness

( life / health / mental )
"These six daily happiness exercises are proven to make anyone, from a 4-year old to an 84-year old, happy, or simply happier." Achor says in just 21 days, the exercises can transform a pessimist into an optimist. ... read more

Don't "Calm Down"

( life / health / mental )
Basically, go ahead and let yourself get anxious-excited. It's OK! You might even enjoy yourself, in a way. They say "...getting excited helps with performance anxiety." Read the rest ... read more

Contributing Factors To Happiness

( life / health / mental )
What a great experiment ... and website!Scientists Discover One Of The Greatest Con... read more

What Happens In Your Brain When You Get Mad And How To Control It

( life / health / mental )
What happens in your brain when you get mad, and how to control it I love this! Especially after my last post."By using one of his strategies, "projecting peace," you ca... read more

Angry People

( life / health / mental )
Funny how the day after commenting on Facebook (see below) about driving past a local rich neighborhood, this morning in that same neighbo... read more

Not Pulled Over

( life / health / mental / dreams )
Had a very brief, mundane, realistic dream the night before last in which I was pulled over by a traffic cop. I didn't think much about it until the next morning when I was going down Antioch Pike to a client's office. That particular st... read more

Thought For The Day

( life / health / mental )
I was noticing how I'm not as good of a speller as I used be, or at least not as quick. Old age, I figured. Brain deteriorating. Oh well. Then I decided it's not necessarily that big a deal when certain brain synapses or pathways-hab... read more

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