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New Horse Arrives At Harmony Haven

( life / help / charity / animals )
We sold Miracle and got a new mare, TBIRD. I told the girl to give Miracle 30 days and, if it doesn't work out, we'll take her back. Fingers crossed. ... read more

Cows Escape California Slaughterhouse, Stampede Through Neighborhood

( life / animals )
Hurray for the cows! Showing more backbone than most humans, as evidenced by the latter allowing themselves to be pressured into getting one of these unnecessary (and unwise) covid shots. ... read more

Adorable Echidnas Are Doing Their Part To Fight Climate Change Without Realizing It

( education / science / animals )
"Australian echidnas are one of the only two types of mammals that lay eggs for babies, and despite their spiky appearance, they're rather adorable. "Thankfully, the native Australian echidna has become part of the ... read more

To The Moon? Genetic Material From 6.7 Million Earth Species

( education / science / animals )
Extinction insurance for planet earth is envisioned by sending sperm and egg samples from 6.7 million species to the moon for safekeeping. How could earth species be destroyed to require a backup? Genetic modification gone... ... read more

Scientists Are Rethinking Animal Cognition As More Evolutionary Behaviors Emerge

( education / science / animals )
"Humans have always considered ourselves much different animals, and we look at our apparent superior intellect, analytical mind, self-awareness, and expanded consciousness as the dividing line between us and them. Primates... read more

Counterfeit Seresto Collars Linked To Pet Deaths And Injuries

( life / animals / pets / health )
...from China, where they can monitor individuals down to the square inch, but cannot enforce safety laws at factories (or germ warfare labs). Go figure."If we can't depend on the EPA to warn the public about something ... read more

In Support Of Turtles

( life / animals / wildlife / reptiles )
My mom is retired, & she spends her winters volunteering at a sea turtle rescue center in south Texas. The cold snap is stunning the local turtles & they're doing a lot of res... read more

Wicklow Mountain Golden Retriever Rescue

( life / animals / dogs )
I love this kind of story! "The family made a thorough search. They left a laundry basket of unwashed clothing near the spot they'd last seen Neesha on the chance she'd home in on the familiar scent marker. They even resorted ... read more

The 'World's Loneliest Elephant' Moving To Sanctuary With Other Elephants, Thanks To Cher

( life / animals / wildlife / elephants )
Go to sunnyskyz.com UPDATE: See also ... read more

Dog Owners Supposedly More At Risk For Covid

( life / animals / dogs )
If this was Denmark, the government would want to kill everyone's dogs. Thank God I'm not Danish. They love ... read more

Eagle Sends Drone To 'Watery Grave' In 'Brazen Attack' Over Lake Michigan

( life / animals / wildlife / birds )
"Michigan state officials said a drone that was mapping shoreline erosion in the Upper Peninsula was sent to a "watery grave" in a "brazen attack" by a bald eagle." Go to ... read more

Magnificent Animals Face Culling

( life / help / charity / animals )
See here, here, and-or ... read more

Indian Railway Company Using Bee Sounds To Ward Off Elephants

( life / animals / wildlife / elephants )
Go to gephardtdaily.com"Officials with an Indian railway company said they have started usi... read more

A New Idea On Fostering Pets

( life / help / animals / pets )
This is so great! "A Mississippi hotel lets guests foster dogs during their stay and now more than 60 have found forever homes." Read the rest here ... read more

Elephant Climbs 5-Foot Wall To Steal Mangoes From Lodge

( life / animals / wildlife / elephants )
Go to upi.com-Odd-News-2020-01-13-Elephant-climbs-5-foot-wall-to-steal-mangoes-from-... read more

After Losing Hope Of Ever Finding Dog, Pup Found Living Like King Among Doting Prisoners

( life / animals / dogs )
Go to alabama-man-finds-dog-living-life-large-in-prison-Although this pup's owners were frantic ... read more

Girl Had Only Been Volunteering At Pet Shelter For Two Days When She Was Reunited With Lost Cat

( life / help / charity / animals )
Go to girl-volunteered-at-pet-shelter-for-two-days-until-reunited-with-lost-cat... read more

Elephant Poaching Falls Dramatically

( life / animals / wildlife / elephants )
Some good news for a change: elephant-poaching-falls-dramatically-africa"Elephant poaching in Africa has d... read more

Donation To Harmony Haven

( life / help / charity / animals )
We just donated to Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding and Horse Rescue. This recent snowstorm knocked down fencing, along with their shelter. And don't forget ... read more

Draft Horses Pull Big Rig Up Hill

( life / animals / horses )
A Minnesota couple harnessed their Belgian draft horses to help a semi truck driver whose vehicle was stuck on an icy driveway."Read the rest here: ... read more

Got Yelled At Today

( life / animals / wildlife / birds )
I ... by a quail. I was crossing an empty lot toward the soccer field (for my daughter's soccer game) when I heard squawking. I looked down, and there it was, probably protecting its nest, obviously telling me to get l... read more

Horse Versus Google Street View

( education / tech / computers / animals )
I like horses. I like Google maps street view. The two don't like each other. See ... read more

Dolphins Speak In Holographic Language

( education / science / animals / language )
Very cool! Read the rest here scientists-reveal-that-dolphins-speak-in-a-holographic-language- UPDATE: The com... read more

My Sister's Horse Rescue

( life / help / charity / animals )
...... and riding therapy operation now has a GoFundMe page! I hope you've got some pocket change you can ... read more

Please Donate To Harmony Haven

( life / help / charity / animals )
Therapeutic Riding & Horse Rescue's fundraiser to build better shelter for the winter. Thanks. Please donate ... read more

One Too Many Cats

( life / animals / cats )
I was up a little earlier than usual this morning, which apparently surprised one of the cats in our house. The thing is, we only have one cat. Any more than that is too many. This one -- either a stray or just one of the neighbor's cats... read more

Just 'Cuz You Cut Off Its Head

( life / animals / wildlife / reptiles )
... don't assume it's harmless. Chef dies after spitting cobra he was cooking bit him on the hand ... 20 minutes after he had cut its head off. See ... read more

Watch Tara The Hero Cat Attempt To Throw A Ceremonial First Pitch

( life / animals / cats )
For those who saw ... read more

Feral Cats Find A New Use

( life / animals / cats )
In case you're in the market for a "barn cat," this is for you: petguide.com.Maybe other cities near you h... read more

Saved A Life Today

( life / animals / wildlife / reptiles )
Probably. You never know about these things. Anyway, I had forgotten to buy cat food and that is what allowed me to be there in time to save a life. Taking my daughter to school this morning, I had to turn south on Nolensville Rd because... read more

Harmony Haven (12/23/2010)

( life / help / charity / animals )
You can watch it here: Please donate ... read more

Detection Dogs

( life / animals / dogs )
"These are no hounds. These are highly trained used by biologists to canvass for animals, scat, rare plants and invasive weeds that are easily missed by humans." Go to ... read more

Harmony Haven (10/24/2010)

( life / help / charity / animals )
We spent the better part of Friday here at Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding & Horse Rescue in ... read more

House The Horses

( life / help / charity / animals )
Please donate by clicking here. Thank you. We are always trying to raise money so we can build a barn for our wonderful horses. Some of the horses are ol... read more

Bird In The House

( life / animals / wildlife / birds )
Woke up this morning to a bird in the kitchen. I had a hunch the cat Sunny had brought something inside because, while still half asleep, I heard her banging around outside of the bedroom somewhere. Anyway, I walked into ... read more


( life / animals / wildlife / reptiles )
I almost stepped on a as Elizabeth and I came out of the creek. Yes, we were in the creek. Anyway, I yelled, "Aaaah" when he slithered past me toward her and into the water. She wanted to get a better look at him as ... read more

Leaving Your Mark

( life / help / charity / animals )
We welcome all the visitors and students to our center, Harmony Haven. Our mission statement: "We rescue and rehabilitate horses so they can rescue and rehabilitat... read more

Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding And Horse Rescue

( life / help / charity / animals )
We have started our non-profit organization in Cottonwood. Harmony Haven Therapy Riding and Horse Rescue. We will add you to our mailing list if you want updates (we now have 3 horses for our riders). Hope to hear from everyone. - Je... read more

Harmony Haven (2008)

( life / help / charity / animals )
My sister and her daughter have started a therapeutic riding and horse rescue! Don't forget to donate by clicking on the DONATE button. Please donate ... read more

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