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Review My Books

by bill - 2020-02-14 ( culture / writing / books / reviews )

If you've read any of my novels, please give them a review on Amazon (click the book's image, below or on the right, then click the "Write a Customer Review" button on its Amazon page, to the left), on Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you bought it. Thanks!

Leaving a review on iBooks is not easy. Here's instructions if you're using an iPhone or iPad. Apparently, you have to have an Apple device to even leave a review on Apple Books. That's annoying, but here are more instructions.

Or, leave a detailed, point-by-point review here that will help me become a better writer!

Ask me a question on Good Reads

Featured book deals on SmashwordsOr, go to show_books.php

Over the past year, I've made updates and/or corrections to most if not all of my novels (listed below). According to Amazon, "You should get automatic updates if 1) your device is connected to wireless internet (Wi-Fi), and 2) you turn on automatic book updates. To turn on automatic book updates:

  • Go to Manage Your Content and Devices [this is the link I get on my own PC, if it helps: Amazon instructions]
  • Click the Preferences tab
  • Scroll to Automatic Book Update
  • Choose On

    If your book doesn't update automatically, contact us. You won't need to buy the book again, but you might lose notes or highlights."

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