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Inspiration For My Novels And Novellas

by bill - 2022-03-09 15:50:35 ( in culture, writing, books, novels) [php version]

I just put this together and thought I'd share it on this blog in addition to my writing platform.

Lottery President

Wanted to state my political opinion and point of view. And what better way than to follow a candidate for president?

Operation Detour

To show what various "intelligence" agencies, and bad people in general, do to the innocent. Put in a lot of humor to make it more palatable.

Last Train Out

A speculation on what might go horribly wrong in the future with our daughter adopted from Russia.

Another Way: Beyond The Status Quo

Another attempt at political opinion, but with real world solutions, as it follows Dobie doing just that on his speaking tour. A lot of humor here, too, but with some definite ugliness. Also threw in an alien presence because, whether they exist or not, there are forces and energies in our world that influence us, for good and ill.

The Lazy Pug Cafe

A silly, fantastical love letter to our dearly departed pugs.

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