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Cold Weather Coming!

by bill - 2022-12-23 04:13:04 ( in education, environment, climate, weather) [php version]

Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2022 4:56 PM

Holy crap, look at the lows for Thursday and Friday. That rain earlier on Thursday will freeze and make the roads impassable. We might have to postpone Christmas celebration.

On 12/20/22 20:25:

Holy cow. Have you ever endured such cold temps in TN? Sunday is also extreme. Not sure if we are also getting some of that here. I heard TX is also going to get it.

Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2022 3:21 PM

Back in January '94 when CA had its Northridge quake, our high for the day was 9 degrees.

On 12/23/2022 6:50 AM:

It's zero this morning, they say it might get all the way up to the teens later :-)

On 12/23/22 06:33: Well, it got even colder than predicted. Of course, the cat wanted out last night, but she came back in before it got ridiculously cold.

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