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Derby this Saturday

Here are my picks for Saturday's Kentucky Derby: WIN - Cutting Humor (because I have that); PLACE - Country House (because I want that); and SHOW - War of Will (because I'm going through that with our daughter).... read more

The rainbow ends in Sacramento

The rainbow really does end in Sacramento! My nephew Milan has captured proof. :) This was taken at their minor league team, Sacramento Rivercats, stadium where Milan works.... read more

My English Premier League team

Trying to decide which English Premier League team I should consider "my team." Very important. Leaning toward either Liverpool FC (because I always liked the Beatles) or Plymouth Argyle Football Club (because my first car w... read more

No more penalty shootouts!

  I'm a huge soccer fan, but absolutely hate penalty shootouts. That is no way to decide a game. The winning team needs to be determined by playing the game, not through penalty kicks. That's like deciding an American football game by... read more

American Pharoah vs. Secretariat, who would win?

  Interesting! The 2015 Triple Crown winner American Pharoah ran the sixth-fastest Belmont Stakes ever, but if he was racing against Secretariat's record time in 1973, he would have been a distant second. Watch the two races side-by-si... read more

The road to the Kentucky Derby (2015)

The 20 three-year-olds to make the starting gate in the Kentucky Derby are determined by the Road to the Kentucky Derby, a series [of] races leading up to the Derby where contenders can earn points. Follow the leaderboard to see who w... read more

Cigar, American racehorse, dies at age of 24

  Sad news. He was one of the greats. We saw him in retirement at Kentucky Horse Park several years ago. via Cigar, American racehorse, dies at age of 24. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; amzn_ass... read more

World Cup 2014

I love World Cup soccer ("footballfutbol" to most of the world), so life is good now with all the games on. I'm ticked at ABCESPN for limiting all USA games to ESPN, which I can't see because we don't subscribe to cable TV. Of cours... read more

California Chrome a horse of a uniting color

  They have a 77-year-old trainer who thought his big-time days were over, and a jockey who grew up afraid of horses.They pulled California Chrome's name out of Coburn's cowboy hat. If not for the luck of the draw the horse could have b... read more

Hollywood Park, what a run it had!

  Today (December 22, 2013) is the last day of racing at Hollywood Park before it's torn down. It's sad, but that part of town has been "the 'hood" for several decades now, so it's no surprise no one wanted to go there.I worked there on... read more

Good start

The NFL got off to a good start today, the first real games of the season.Both of my teams, the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers, won!The Titans were a surprise over the Steelers.The Niners won "as expected" even though they w... read more

Travers Stakes (2013)

Several big name horses in it this year: Verrazano, Haskell winner Palace Malice, Belmont and Jim Dandy winner Orb, Kentucky Derby winner Here are a couple of video analyses:And here's a listing of ALL the races at Saratoga.Th... read more

Derby results (2013)

  Florida Derby winner Orb won today's Kentucky Derby in "the slop." But you've probably already heardread about it. My pick, Revolutionary, finished 3rd. That was better than my picks have done in other years. It's a good thing I didn... read more

Kentucky Derby-related pages (2013)

  Where to keep up or catch up on the upcoming Derby: espn.gohorse-racingtriplecrown2013 Kentuckyderbyhorses hrtv2013-Kentucky-derby bloodhorsehorse-racingtriple-crown and possibly tvg ... read more

Road to the Triple Crown (2013)

  The Triple Crown 2013 - ESPN.I always try and follow these preludes to the Kentucky Derby so that I have at least an educated guess on Derby Day.... read more

Kentucky Oaks & Derby (2013)

  2013 Kentucky Oaks & Derby | May 3 and 4, 2013 | Tickets, Events, News.Time to start watching the Derby "prep" races so you can at least make an educated guessbet on Derby Day! ... read more

Brisnet top 10 Kentucky Derby contenders (2011)

  Brisnet Top 10 Kentucky Derby Contenders Here's the current year's: Kentuckyderbyhorsesleaderboard ... read more

Kentucky Oaks & Derby (2011)

  Time to start watching the races leading up to the Kentucky Derby so I have a clue who to bet on on Derby Day, May 7th.2011 Kentucky Oaks & Derby | May 6 and 7, 2011 | Tickets, Events, News.... read more

Events at Mpact Sports

  For those in middle Tennessee: Events at Mpact. Elizabeth used to go here for gymnastics. They are a great bunch of people.... read more

Fox 'shoots' hunter in Belarus

Hooray for the fox! via Fox "shoots hunter" in Belarus "A wounded fox shot its would-be killer in Belarus by pulling the trigger on the hunter's gun as the pair scuffled after the man tried to finish the animal off with the but... read more

Zenyatta lost

  by half a head!This is the Breeder's Cup Classic I'm talking about.I thought she was hurt or something the way she ran dead last, 20 lengths behind.Then she came out of nowhere and would have won with two more strides, but it was too ... read more

Giants win!

For the first time in my lifetime, the S.F. Giants have won the World Series!And they did on my birthday!Adding to my joy was seeing George W. Bush in the background, clearly unhappy.... read more

Kentucky Derby (2008)

Here's a list of possible starters for next week's Kentucky Derby: Derby 2008.The experts are divided between Big Brown, Colonel John and Pyro as their picks. You can see their picks on that page, above. You can also see all the horse... read more

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