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  Technology-related articles on this site Wolfram Alpha research tool "Out there" sort of stuffWhat Every Windows PC Needs ... read more

The truth about electric cars

  From: Anonymous See Electric-Cars... At a neighbourhood BBQ I was talking to a neighbour, a BC Hydro executive. I asked him how that renewable thing was doing. He laughed, then got serious. If you really intend to adopt electric veh... read more

Where you belong

  I've been in middle Tennessee the past 25 years, grew up in northern California, spent most of my 20s in L.A., but according to this site I should move to New England. They say... "You would fit in well in New England due to your ... read more

Stop 5G on Earth and in space

We the undersigned scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and citizens from (_) countries, urgently call for a halt to the deployment of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless network, including 5G from space satellites. 5G will... read more

Requiring (or not) a password in Windows

  In Windows 7 (and possibly earlier and later versions), use NETPLWIZ and check (or uncheck) the box that says something to the effect of "require users to enter passwords." Make sure that your own username is highlighted before you c... read more

Turn your computer into a Chrome device

  From NeverWare at neverware "Ready to turn your computer into a Chrome device? You're in the right spot. The Home edition is our free version of CloudReady, intended only for personal use by individuals. It offers the sa... read more

Open DNS

  Just thought we'd mention ... read more

So, you dropped your phone into the toilet?

Yep, that is what just happened to me. Here is some advice on what to do: wikihowDry-Out-a-Wet-iPhone. Luckily, it had already been flushed and the phone was too big to go down the hole. Still... remind me to spray it with Lysol ... read more

Bogus ransom emails

  Just because the From is spoofed, it doesn't mean your email account is compromised. See: Ask Leo And here's a complete example, though they vary slightly: " Hi, your account was recently hacked! Modify the pswd right now! ... read more

E-recycling services in Nashville

Electronic Waste-Recycling electronic+recycling+nashville+area ... read more

URL expander

  You might find this as useful as I just did: expandurl... read more

Opting out of ads

Useful site here to opt out of various online ads: Some of the biggest name brands always seem to be conveniently unavailable.... read more

How to drain a toilet

I realized halfway through the task of draining the toilet that I didn't know how. I'd never done it before. I've drained the tank plenty of times, but not the toilet bowl itself. It all started after I had to use a "snake"... read more

Is it down right now

  Useful site to see if it's your connection (or firewall) or the site itself that's having a problem: Is It Down Right Now? Someone emailed us about their tool here: websiteplanetwebtoolsdown-or-not, although it said this site... read more

Battery-free cell phone

  Cool! This would (eventually) remove the need for environment-destroying battery factories. "We've built what we believe is the first functioning cellphone that consumes almost zero power," said co-author Shyam Gollakota, an ass... read more

Running Windows in a Linux virtual machine

I'm going to try running Windows in a virtual machine after installing Linux on my PC, as per these instructions: superuser. It'll probably suck (because Linux sucks), but after all of NSA's Windows backdoors were published online... read more

Another website/page of mine

It's a site called Patreon where they help creative people find patrons to support their work. My page is here: Patreon "It would be amazing if I had any fans at all to help finance what I do! Thank you for (possibly) being one.... read more

Salt Water Filter Invented

Salt water filter invented... read more

Linux on Chromebook

Installing Ubuntu Linux on my Chromebook as per these instructions: lifehacker. I hope it works! And I hope I like it. I got tired of some of the limitations of the ChromeOS. I'll still be able to toggle back and forth between the two... read more

Facebook creeps me out

Every time Facebook shows me one of those notices saying something like "Hey there, we've been going through all of your posts and thought you might like to share this compilation," I feel like I'm being approached by some c... read more

Cool website

  Here's a cool website I just learned of: atlasobscura "In an age where everything seems to have been explored and there is nothing new to be found, we celebrate a different way of looking at the world. If you're searching... read more

Google Chrome extensions

  Some of these Google Chrome extensions want permission to "... read and change all your data on the websites you visit." What the ...? Why would I give ANYONE that kind of permission?... read more

Horse versus Google street view

  I like horses. I like Google maps street view. The two don't like each other. See Google Street View car... read more

Keyword, cookie, browser analytics failure

  Some headlines Google News mistakenly thought I'd be interested in ... Is Jeb Bush Right About Barack Obama and Donald Trump? — The mainstream (pro-BushClinton) media keep pretending Jeb is relevant. Kanye West named GQ's M... read more

Solar freakin' roadways!

  Amazing! I love this! See youtu.beqlTA3rnpgzU And a nice song at the end, too! Here's their website:   solarroadways... read more

Court to feds, explain marine's Facebook postings arrest

via Court to feds: Explain Marine's Facebook-postings arrest. "Brandon Raub's case exposes the seedy underbelly of a governmental system that continues to target military veterans for expressing their discontent over Ame... read more

Cool, not cool

Cool! But bad news for locksmiths? "keyme" stores a copy of your house key in the cloud Not cool delete-doesnt-quite-mean-the-same-thing-to-Facebook-as-it-does-to-you... read more

My phones

  In the process of upgrading to a new Samsung Galaxy Note II today (which should arrive in a few days), Sprint at one point showed me all of the devices I've had with them over the years (in case I wanted to trade any of them in). It w... read more

Best smartphone (2013)

I've got an iPhone 4 now, which I've never been crazy about. I used to have a Blackberry Curve, which I was also never crazy about. If I could combine the best features from both, that'd be nice, but probably still not good enough. :)... read more

Upgrading to Windows 7

  Yes, I know Windows 8 is out, but I'm always a version or two behind at home. I'm upgrading my wife's computer, not my own. She got MS Office 2013 for $10 from work. Incredible deal, right?. But it requires Windows 7 or 8. So, yeah, ... read more

Patent claims solar energy 'breakthrough'

I hope this is for real: Patent Filing Claims Solar Energy Breakthrough "In a U.S. patent application, a little-known Maryland inventor claims a stunning solar energy breakthrough that promises to end the planet's reliance on f... read more

Sprint now allows editing how you appear in caller ID

  This is great. I think I blogged once (here), complaining that I couldn't change how my name appears on the receiving end's caller ID. It showed my legal name, William, but I wanted it to say Bill. The foreign girl in Sprint customer ... read more

Cleanliness counts

  Click on this link to clean the inside of your screen: yahelitelolscreenclean.swf... read more

Name generator

  Name Generator - Cool Name ideas at the click of a button! I thought this, above, was kinda cool for generating a pseudonym. You can also generate a Medieval name, a Twitter name, whatever. On that page, the actual "generator" butt... read more

Will graphene supercapacitors make batteries obsolete?

Cool! ... someday. From Will Graphene Supercapacitors Make Batteries Obsolete? "Researchers with the California NanoSystems Institute recently developed a new battery-like supercapacitor, a device that stores charge, which may r... read more

Which website would you choose?

If you were on a deserted island with an Internet connection and a pug, but could only access ONE website, which site would it be?(BTW, the pug is irrelevant, I just like pugs!) Facebook - 3 votes Google - 2 votes Kindle - 1 votes ... read more

The gravitylight, lighting for developing countries

  GravityLight: lighting for the developing countries on VimeoThis is so cool!... read more

Some Facebook users 'dislike' being used in online advertising

Some Facebook users 'dislike' being used in online advertising for Mitt Romney ... read more

Whatever happened to WordStar

  I barely used it, but I found this interesting because I was once a "word processor" (human, not program) back in the mid-80s to early 90s.Whatever happened to WordStar... read more

MIT creates solar cell from grass clippings

MIT creates solar cell from grass clippings "A researcher at MIT, Andreas Mershin, has created solar panels from agricultural waste such as cut grass and dead leaves. In a few years, Mershin says it'll be possible to stir some g... read more

Care2, largest online community for healthy and green living

  Care2 - largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare. "You Care. We Care2.Be a part of the world's largest community for good."... read more

Things that make you say, you've got to be kidding

  Just the other day I had bought a second wi-fi router from a seller on Craigslist to daisy-chain the two together (somehow) to improve the wireless signal throughout my house. No, it's not a big house.Anyway, last night our power ... read more

Technology which could save the world

via Technology which could save the world "This is Emma. She's going to save the world (and cure cancer). No, not the engineer in the lab coat. Rather, the Electron Model of Many Applications in which she's standing — a re... read more

Solar power without solar cells

Cool! via Solar power without solar cells: A hidden magnetic effect of light could make it possible. "You could stare at the equations of motion all day and you will not see this possibility. We've all been taught that this... read more

Computer stuff

  Well, I've spent the better part of this long weekend trying to get not just a server setup, but a server with VMware setup. VMware is very cool virtualization software that's all the rage in the corporate world where I'm ... read more

Plleeaassee reeaadd! it was on goodmorning America

It's a very old hoax. Anything with a headline like that and mentioning Microsoft, AOL and Good Morning America in the same email almost HAS to be a hoax these days, and this one is. On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 8:05 PM, wrote:This is pro... read more

Possibly useful site

   For those old gadgets you'd just as soon get rid of: gazelle My old Dell laptop is apparently worth $38!I guess they really want newer stuff.... read more

Online graphics editing sites

  These could be handy: citrify pixorial ... read more

Stupid online chat with Sprint support

   12:32:39 PM : Bill: Initial QuestionComment: Your online form won't let me change my contact info. It keeps saying "Oops, something's broken" or whatever, never telling me what I've done wrong. I filled out all the requir... read more

How to anonymize your browsing

  To anonymize your browsing, use one of these "anonymizer" sites andor programs:Sites Anonymouse ConnectInPrivate The Cloak HideMyAss TheFreeCountry Programs FreeNetProject GnuNet amzn_ass... read more

E-waste computers, TV's, other electronics collection

There will be an E-Waste (computers, TV's, other electronics) collection held Saturday May 8 at the Walmart Supercenter located on Nolensville Pike a quarter mile south of Old Hickory Blvd. from 8 a.m. — 12 noon. Other sites... read more

New cell phone

  Sprint called the other day and offered me a free new phone. The woman, sounding like she was from Indonesia or something, went on and on and on for twenty minutes. Luckily, the call did not count against my minutes. Just last month I... read more

New mp3 player for my car

  I am now the proud owner of this very cool device, here.Thanks to Heather and Brady for the suggestion!... read more

New poll

Are you upgrading to Windows 7? Take the poll, between the Admin section and the 1-800-Flowers ad. On the subject of Windows, here's a comparison I wrote up on my other website: windows-xp-vs-vista-vs-7... read more

Website visibility tool

  Thanks to GoDaddy phone support, I discovered this very useful site: megaproxy. One of my domain names was not resolving correctly from home. I went to the website above and checked it, and everything was resolving correctly from ... read more

CAT5 RJ-45 Cable Pin-Outs

  Copied from and put here just in case their website removes it.Eight Position (RJ-45) Modular CableT568B(with clip down)T568A(with clip down)UTP consists of 4 twisted pairs. The standard colors are:... read more

Kaspersky Free Virus Scan

  FAST & FREE security scan for your PC via Kaspersky Security Scan | Free Virus Scanner | Kaspersky Lab US.... read more


  . I LOVE this service!... read more

Duplex printing

  QuestionDuplex printing isn't working, but it worked before.ANSWER:Click Start, Control Panel, Printers and Faxes, right click and choose Properties on that printer. Click Device Settings tab, choose Duplex toward the bottom, change i... read more

Mailbox over the limit

  QuestionI started getting notices that my mailbox is over it's limit. I have archived items over 90 days. What else can I do to stop these messages?Isn't this pretty much the same as archiving to my hard drive?I use three months.ANSWE... read more

Loud "BEEP" sound

  QuestionIs there any way to turn off the loud "BEEP" sound that occurs when Intel Proset detects a wireless network? I've tried going to control panel and muting all the sounds, but that doesn't seem to work.ANSWER:Try going into Inte... read more

Show Desktop icon missing

  Question My "Show Desktop" icon just disappeared from my Quick Start menu. How do I restore that? ANSWER: It probably got "bumped" aside by something else putting an icon in that space. You can drag that double greater than sign >>... read more

Transferring iTunes to new computer

  Question How do I transfer iTunes to my new computer? ANSWER:I have copied your iTunes from the old computer to the new. If you haven't already "authorized" your current computer, ... read more

Data recovery

  QuestionMy hard drive has died, and I've lost valuable data. If you can't recover it for me, is there a service who can?ANSWER:Here's the best one I've found: Gillware Inc. - gillware@gillwareEstimated ChargesStandard fee for Micr... read more

Can't paste anything into Outlook

  QuestionI can't paste anything into Outlook, but I can into Word, etc.ANSWER:Open Microsoft Word, go to TOOLS> OPTIONS> Select the SAVE tab and uncheck Embed smart tags.Also, there's a security feature in Outlook that, in certain situ... read more

Set email to forward to someone else

  QuestionHow do I set email (Outlook 2003) to forward to someone else while I'm out?ANSWER:In Outlook, click on Tools, Out of Office AssistantClick "I am currently out of the office…" and type your outgoing message, if any.Click ... read more

Can't see Sent Items in Outlook

  QuestionI can't see any of my Sent Items in Outlook (2003) anymoreANSWER:Try the following:Click ViewArrange ByCurrent ViewCustomize Current ViewFilter = OFF... read more

Your old electronics might not be worthless after all

  FYI, your old electronics might not be worthless after all. econewonlinesamsclubCommonequiptypes.aspx?SiteXfrMsg=1... read more

Wireless not working

  Question No matter where I go, the wireless is not working.ANSWER: I just had to "enable wireless" by right-clicking on the icon at the bottom-right of the task bar and choose Enable Radio. I could then connect right into the wireless... read more

Access your Zune directly

  Great info here:roysacblog200710access-your-zune-from-windows-explorer.htmlYou can only delete one song at a time, though, so it's a limited solution.... read more

Items for Sale

  Items for Sale... read more

Fixing profile problems in Outlook 2003

  To recreatefix your Outlook 2003 profile, do the following:Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, Mailclick on Show ProfilesAdd a new profilegive it any NEW name you wantclick OKAdd your same old account back as a "new" account, cl... read more

Special characters in Word Perfect for DOS

  It all starts with Ctrl-V, followed by the number combinations shown on the screen that comes up.  For example, the tilde is Ctrl-V + 002, although it doesn't show up on my screen, but maybe it'll work on yours. The accent grave ... read more

AOL through Outlook using IMAP folders

  PROBLEM:Can you tell me again how to move deleted emails to a deleted email folder?  The AOL Imap folder just crosses them out but leaves them there.SOLUTION:It's under Edit, Purge Deleted Messages.Outer Banks by Hanes Men's Ulti... read more

Go Green & Save the Environment with 4 All Memory

  Go Green & Save the Environment with 4 All Memory... read more

Ten More Ways to Detect Computer Malware

  blogs.techrepublic10things?p=1069&tag=nl.e101... read more


  Avoid and toolbars that don't come with Windows from Microsoft. I just had a customer whose Internet Explorer wouldn't close after they installed "My.Freeze.Com" screensaver. Luckily, it uninstalled properly when using its uninstall p... read more

How to make Outlook 2003 open to your calendar by default

  copied from helpdesk.ilstukbindex.phtml?kbid=1326 By default, when you launch Outlook it opens to your Inbox. You can create a shortcut to Outlook so it opens to your calendar instead.  To force Outlook to open your calenda... read more

Adding Safe Mode to your boot menu

  Windows VISTA and 7 require BCDEDIT for this.  With XP (and NT and 2000), you can use any old text editor.  First make sure the file is not marked Read Only.  Then open and edit your boot.ini file.  If you don't kn... read more

File sharing between XP Home and XP Pro

  PROBLEM:You get this error message when trying to access a Windows XP Home computer from a Windows XP Pro computer:       "The user has not been granted the requested login type at this computer"SOLUTION:On th... read more

Saving Word documents

  In Word 2003 (and possibly older versions), go to Tools, Options, Save and check (if not already) the following settings:Always create backup copyAllow background savesMake local copy of files stored on network...Save AutoRecover info... read more

ComputerHelp store

  The store is new, but the items are used. Tested and good, but used.Let's hope this second attempt goes better than the first!  I'm tempted to call the items "old junk," but there are some almost-new things, too.  Not much o... read more

"Environmentally-responsible" ink

  This looks promising, "environmentally-responsible" ink from Dell.  Ihave no idea if it's any good.  Leave a comment below and let us read more

New German laptop

  very cool!youtubewatch_popup?v=7H0K1k54t6A... read more

Cool feature just discovered on Google Translate

  I received an error in some foreign language I didn't even recognize, let alone understand, on the computer.  I went to and typed in one of the words from the error and chose "Detect language" in the "... read more

Good Search

  Good SearchUse them as your search engine, and they give to charity: goodsearch... read more

Install multiple apps at once without toolbars or clicking Next

  Fantastic online app here. It does what I've done before (not a working copy), but they do it better. I'm not jealous. I'm not a programmer, really, I'm an "implementerintegrator." Yeah, that's it. :) Oh yeah, here's the link:&n... read more

Removing Windows Desktop Search

  Well, I thought I liked this version 4 better than version 3.  I hated version 3.  But, it turns out, version 4 is no better.  It starts and finds things quicker (for me, anyway), but it ruins the computer's performance... read more

External hard drive gone bad

  PROBLEM: I haven't totally written it off as dead, but my back-up external drive that holds 500gigs won't power on now. I made a back-up of all the data maybe a month ago, but there are some things I must have missed. In case I can't ... read more

Don't visit these sites (unprotected, anyway)

  Just visited these sites, and my antivirus popped-up saying it had blocked a Trojan Horse coming from there (or one of their links): thefrist I'll add to this list whenever it happens again.... read more

Pre-paid smartphones

  I just thought this was interestingcool:news.cnet8301-30686_3-20005349-266.html?tag=newsLeadStoriesArea.1... read more

Used computer parts

  Cables, computers, printers, drives, etc. Go to: ... read more

CDs/DVDs not what they're cracked up to be

  Probably ought to save things to other computers andor external hard drives andor sign up for an online storage account. Here's the article: read more

Hack attack?

  Question There was a couple parked on the curb on Wed from 8am to 12pm on Wed. The girl was like a look-out, it seemed. When I was going to work she gave me a suspicious look, so I drove around in a circle and drove by them getting th... read more

Converting IP v4 to IP v6

  This should be useful now that the world is converting to IP v6: emailtalkIPV4ToIPV6.aspx... read more

Gmail's unsubscribe feature

  I hate to promote Google since they already rule the online world, but they do some things very well, e.g., their "unsubscribe" feature in Gmail. In a message, click on Show Details and you should see the option to "Unsubscribe from t... read more

Software updater

  CNET has created a fantastic new service called Tech Tracker that I wish I'd come up with. It tracks and keeps up to date all of the software on your computer! Mac or Windows! The only catch is that you have to create an account on th... read more

Video download sites

  A couple of useful sites here for downloading videos for later viewing. I know I often want to watch a video later, not right then and there. Anyway, here are a couple of links: splandoo videosnag There are probably a hund... read more

Your outgoing mail server

  Hopefully yours is listed here, anyway. :) amailsendersupportsmtpserver... read more

A new search engine

  Cuil (pronounced "cool"). And here's a good reason to use it (or StartPage) instead of Google: newstruststories2685319toolbar?ref=hp... read more

Watching the watchers

  Keep an eye on who's keeping an eye on you, here: ghostery... read more


  Beware of this scam. Don't bother trying to get them to help you unlock your pc: rtSci_Tech2010-08-31hackers-gang-russian-bust.html. The fix is to download, UPDATE, and run Malwarebytes.... read more

Open dialog default sort order

  Mine got messed up somehow, and it drove me nuts until I found this: jevonwikiChanging_Open_Dialog_Default_Sort_Order_in_Windows UPDATE: "Only" problem is ... the above didn't work! :) Not for browsing folders through My Comput... read more

Missed appointment

  Well, it's happened again, luckily for only the second time in my career. A customer called me to their house, only to not be home or pretend to not be home when I got there. People, if you change your mind, just call and cancel! Ther... read more

Man loses $20 million after taking laptop for repair | ITworld

  We promise to never do anything even remotely similar to this! Man loses $20 million after taking laptop for repair | ITworld.... read more

Fix for "ytimg" browser hang

  Got a tip, thought I'd share it here. Add the following to your HOSTS file: #fix for ytimg.exe browser hang problem s.ytimg Then from a command prompt (in Windows), run: ipconfig flushdn... read more

Human resource management software

  Open Source Human Resource Management Software. FYI in case you're looking for such, even though we hate the term "human resource." Ironically, it's dehumanizing. :) via Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) - OrangeHRM.... read more

Simply upper-casing your password can frustrate a hacker's attempts

  via How simply upper-casing your password can frustrate a hackers attempts at breaking into your account.... read more

Hackers leak 6.5 mln LinkedIn passwords

  Hackers leak 6.5 mln LinkedIn passwords Time to change your LinkedIn password. eHarmony, too, apparently.... read more

Yes, that PC cleanup app you saw on TV at 3am is a waste

  "their next play is to make it seem like everything is wrong with your PC" via Yes, that PC cleanup app you saw on TV at 3am is a waste | Ars Technica.... read more

Subscription confirmation

  [wysija_page]... read more

How to restore contacts in Windows Live Mail

  Q:  I had some problems with this program.  I fixed the POP and SMTP server designations, and it works now.  However, I've lost my contacts — the folder is blank.  The funny thing is, when I type some letters... read more

How to convert an MP3 to a ringtone

  Now that I have finally joined the 21st century and gotten a Blackberry (free through Radio Shack and Sprint), I'll probably start posting tips like the following: How to convert an MP3 to a ringtone... read more

Save yourself a lot of trouble

  If you get a pop up on your computer saying, "You're infected!  Download Antivirus 2010 [or something similar] to fix it!", DOn't DO IT!  It's a trick.  As soon as you click on it, you're infected.  Here's an artic... read more

Online backup

  I'm trying out this online backup system called Nordic Backup.  So far, so good.  Click here to try it yourself free for 30 days.... read more

Free remote control software

  This looks really good: teamviewerindex.aspx Of course, I've already been using the one from Zoho, too, here: meeting.zohoagentZohoMeetingSetup.exe... read more

Google: Fake antivirus makes up 15 percent of all malware

    Google: Fake antivirus makes up 15 percent of all malware | Tech News on ZDNet... read more

Hard Drive Manufacturers Slash Warranty Periods

  Hard Drive Manufacturers Slash Warranty Periods That's on new drives. So, from now on, more than ever, always have an external drive (or two) for backups.... read more

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