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No Talking To Police

by anonymous - 2022-07-20 06:53:50 ( in education, research) [php version]

I got a ticket for running over some traffic cones I couldn't see from

my perspective. I only said "really?" The officer wrote it up as

resisting or something worse, I forget what. But I should have said nothing.

On 7/20/22 06:31:

I posted it to


** 1000 Peer-Reviewed Studies Questioning Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

** N95 masks filter most germs, bacteria & bodily fluids, not

viruses.  Average diameter of coronavirus is 0.125 microns. N95 mask

filters 0.300 microns or larger, and that's assuming the mask fits

snugly to the face.  In other words, it's worthless against covid.

** Abuse of emergency powers is all the rage. Make it stop.


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good advice

On 7/19/22 23:30:

Even if you already know all this, it's a great reminder because

of the high possibility that police today are "just following

orders" from their globalist leaders.

Don't be a fool. Listen to this advice.

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