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'A Total Fiasco in All Aspects': 20 Years On, How the Illegal Invasion of Iraq Backfired on the US, by Lidia Misnik

Supreme Court Hears Pivotal Water Rights Case as Drought Grips Western States

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Won't Run for Senate in 2024

Stanford Law School Diversity Dean Who Encouraged Students to Heckle a Federal Judge Makes as Much as $200,000 a Year

Leftist Media Smear Jbs for Opposing Mass Fluoridation Days After Concerning Report on Fluoridation Released

Two High School Students Just Died of Aneurysms and Many More Young People are Getting Them and Dying Recently -- Well Known Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Injury

Trudeau Prepares to Destroy Freedom of Speech in Canada, by Brad Salzberg

Trash Talk Once Went Hand-In-Hand with Gaming. But Big Tech Is Killing It.

U.S. Proxy War with Russia Has Nothing to Do with Ukraine's Freedom and Everything to Do with Regime Change in Moscow

What a Shocking Twist: Kevin McCarthy Outflanks Ron Desantis on Democrat Corruption and Politicization of Justice System

Epic DC Resident Destroys Fauci and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser as They Go Door to Door to Track Down Unvaccinated

Dr. Jill Shoots Joe Biden a Look as He Claims He's "A Student of the Persian Culture"

Biden Issues First Veto to Defend ESG Rule that Authorizes Asset Managers to Prioritize Funding Political Agendas

A New Board Game to Induce Climate Guilt in School Children

How Biden's Social Security Demagoguery Is Stoking Inflation

Utah Teacher Awards Extra Credit for Eating Bugs

Global Stocks Sink After Credit Suisse Takeover

Chris Rock Warns Elitists of What's Really Going to Happen If They Arrest Donald Trump

Media Outlets, Tech Companies and Democratic Politicians Benefited from Svb Bailout

As Food Shortages Mount, US Cattle Inventory Forecast Falls to Lowest Level in Nearly a Decade

NYPD Erects Barricades Outside Manhattan Courthouse Ahead of Potential Trump Arrest

Amazon Is Laying Off 9,000 More Employees in Addition to the 18,000 Recently Axed

Another Plandemic? New Vaccine Is Being Prepared for a Bird Flu Jump to Humans, "Just in Case"

SATIRE: Men's Figure Skater Comes Out of Closet as Heterosexual

Desantis Slams 'soros-Funded' Manhattan DA as Reports of Potential Trump Arrest Swirl

Revolutionary New Media: Enlightened Podcasts

US Announces $350 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine

Are There Any Candidates for President Who Want a Free Society?

Tyler O'Neil: Evangelical Protestants Can't Afford to Ignore the FBI's Targeting of 'Radical-Traditional' Catholics

Federal Judge Delivers Major Setback to Biden Regime in Pivotal Censorship Case

Texas and Idaho AGs Score Big Win Against Biden EPA's Far-Reaching Water Regulation

Self-Taught Oklahoma Architect Builds Round Barn Inspired by US Capitol and Wedding Rentals

Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth Begins to Leak Out,

USA Criticized Globally Over Mq-9 Drone Incident

SATIRE: Sad: Xi and Putin Unable to Broker Ceasefire as Neither Has Read 'The Art of the Deal'

Law Prof to File Bar Complaint Against Stanford Students Who Heckled, Harassed Federal Judge

Nikki Haley Still Silent on Possible Trump Indictment

Expect Higher Inflation Amid Banking Crisis

Race-Pandering Katie Hobbs Upstaged by Rachel Dolezal

Vermont School Banished from All State Competitions for Refusing to Play Girls' Basketball Against a Male

"Jesus Revolution" Continues to Set Box Office Records

Iran Arrests Teen Girls Over TikTok Dance Video

Xi Jinping Hails 'New Era' as He Arrives in Moscow in Bid to Broker Ukraine Peace Deal

Tom Cotton Weighs in on Whether Biden Will Sign Bill to Declassify Intelligence on Pandemic Origins

'say His Name' Trump Spokesperson Rips Desantis Statement

AI Count Disrupt the World More than Electricity or the Internet

More Shocking Evidence of a Coverup by the Jan. 6th Committee

1980s Dystopias: Blade Runner, Terminator, Robocop, Running Man

Christopher Caldwell's "Why are We in Ukraine? a Steep Bill Comes Due for Decades of Democracy Promotion."

'Potentially Devastating': Pentagon Responds to Proposed GOP Defense Budget Cuts

'That's Not Goldilocks': Illegal Immigrant Found in Stranger's Bed at the Northern Border

Shooter Opens Fire on School Campus, Injuring Two Students

Republican Lawmakers Pass Repeal of 'Jim Crow' Law, and Dems are Seething

Florida College Provost Who Clashed with Conservative Trustees Steps Down

All Jabbed are Now Being Tracked

Well Informed Lady Educates Glastonbury Town Council

How the Left Took Control of Our Culture, Lexicon & How to Take It Back with David Horowitz

Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse

House Hearings Begin with a Slow Start But Big Reveals

Vaccine Being Prepared for a Bird Flu Jump to Humans

Watch Heartwarming Reaction When Ukrainian Students Get Shocking News that They Won Full College Scholarship in the U.S

Dutch Farmers Rebel, Win Enough Senate Seats to Block Technocrats

Flashback: The Transhumanist Agenda and the Future of Humanity

The Man Who Recalled Newsom: Mike Netter

Bigo Barnett: I Don't Want Anyone to Go Through What I've Gone Through

Prepare Now on Food Security, Expert Urgesstates and Americans

Top Mueller Probe Attorney Turned Powerful FBI Office Into a Place of Dysfunction, Fear

Biden Judicial Nominee Is Reportedly Facing Stiff Resistance ... from Democrats

Supreme Court Declines Pastor's Free Speech Case Against University

Biological Man Caught in Women's YMCA Locker Room Doubles Down on Comparing Self to Lynching Victim

States Push for Harsher Fentanyl Penalties Amid Uptick in Overdose Deaths

Russia and Mongolia: Potential Economic Projects

SATIRE: 4D Chess: Trump Reveals He Preemptively Pardoned Himself Before Leaving Office

Commemorating Iraq's Three Wars (1991, 2003, 2014): Looking Back : 'Internationally Sponsored Genocide'. Felicity Arbuthnot

20 Years After the Invasion of Iraq, Will the Media's Complicity Be Flushed Down the Memory Hole?

White House Says It Opposes a Ceasefire in Ukraine

Fednow Instant Payments are Coming and CBDCs Will Follow

Documentary Film Premiere: Cut...Daughters of the West

Eddie Izzard Is a Boy Named Suzy

University Shells Out More than $26,000 to Host Trans Activist During "Pride" Week

'sustainable' Electric Cars are Getting Junked Over Minor Damage

The Rise of Tyranny in the United States

Steve Kirsch: Ditch Your Mask for $100,000

Empire-Funded Think Tanks are Not Valid Sources: Notes from the Edge of the Narrative Matrix

North Korea Drills 'Nuclear Counterattack,' Appears to Launch Missile from Silo

BBC Tells Employees to Delete TikTok from Work Phones

'reliable, Focused, Tenacious' Georgia Police Dog Retires After 7 Years of Service

Media Mogul David Geffen, 80, Marries 30-Year-Old Boyfriend

Governor Whitmer Leaves Door Open for Future Presidential Run

The 2024 Presidential Marathon

The Scourge of Everything US/Western: Humanity's Life Threatening Curse

500 Baby Sharks to Be Released in Unprecedented Rewilding of the Ocean

CJPMe Appalled by Minister Joly's Meeting with Far-Right Israeli Government

Banking Crisis 2023: Deep Origins and Future Directions

Icc's Putin Arrest Warrant Signals Long Overdue Unraveling of So-Called 'Rules-Based World Order'

Does Icc's Arrest Warrant Limit Putin's External Visits? "The West Is Hysterical"

Unrest Erupts in France After Macron Imposes Pension Reforms by Decree

Top Archbishop Warns: Soros, Schwab, Gates Pose 'Immense Threat to Survival of Mankind'

The Federal Reserve Announces Its First Big Step Towards a Digital Dollar

A Speed Camera in Every Car: New App Turns Mobile Phones Into Dashcams that Can Report 21 Traffic Offences to Police at the Touch of a Button...And Could Soon Be Upgraded to Detect How Fast Other Veh

Twitter Files: U.S. Taxpayers 'Unwittingly Financing the Growth and Power of a Censorship-Industrial Complex' by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Surveillance State: 60% of Americans Think Government Tracks Their Data

Biden's Twitter Account Fact-Checked for Dubious Claim About the Taxes Billionaires Pay

Dem Congressman Shreds Biden Regime for Green Energy Hypocrisy: 'Pisses Me Off'

Physician Assistant Fired for Reporting Covid Shot Adverse Events to VAERS

Iraq Invasion 20th Anniversary: Five Million Dead in Iraqi Holocaust 1990 Onwards

US Escalation to the East

The 1999 NATO Aggression on Yugoslavia...A Turning Point

Russia's Economy Is Booming...Despite or Because of Sanctions?

Central Venous Thrombosis of the Brain After Sars-Cov-2 Infection and mRNA Vaccination

International Criminal Court Wants to Arrest Putin for Sheltering Child Refugees

Young Pilot's Heart Damaged Right After Covid Vax

G20, the Ukraine War and the Global Economic Crisis

US Decides Whether or Not Kiev Should Negotiate Peace

More Efficient Way to Suck Up CO2 from Air by Storing It in Baking Soda and Water

Insane State Law Poses Huge New Threat to NY Jobs

Australian Pilots Told Be Alert for Signal Interference from Chinese Military

Midsize Banks to Feds: Insure All Our Deposits for Two Years

Federal Reserve, Other Central Banks Announce Joint Liquidity Measures

The Biggest Covid Question: What Will Happen in 10 Years?

Donald Trump, American Dissident

Peter Roff: Republicans May Be Down in DC, But They Dominate the States

NY Democrats Race-Bait Against Whites

To Prevent a Civil War that Is About to Happen in Pakistan

Radical San Francisco District Supervisor Who Pushed #defundthepolice Is Now Begging for More Police

Good News in History, March 20

Criminals at Large: The Iraq War 20 Years On

16 Terrorists on FBI Watchlist Crossed US Border in February

Kari Lake Speaks to Rasmussen Poll Which Suggests She Won

Rachel Levine Ripped for 'Pure Hypocrisy' in Viral Clip: 'Kids for Me, But Not for Thee'

Switzerland's Two Largest Banks to Combine

Insane New Article Claims that Drinking Coffee Is Racist, White Supremacist

Supreme Ruling on Christian Controversy Causing Serious Ripples

The End Is Nigh for the Prophets of Doom

A Sane Voice Amidst the Madness

Does Canada Support Regime Change in Russia?

Canada's 'China Syndrome'

How Many Millions Have Been Killed in America's Post-9/11 Wars?

How Many People Has the U.S. Killed in Its Post-9/11 Wars?

My Lai, 'Killing Ideology' & Disobeying Orders: 55 Years Ago Today

This Tangled Mess We're In: America's Drastically Dangerous Future

Spring Arrest of Trump Rumors

Bank Failures: Ignoring the 800 Ton Elephant Erasing Your Money

Spent Matters: The AUKUS Nuclear Waste Problem

Peculiarities of the Turkish-Chinese Economic Cooperation

On the Outcome of the ROK's Conservative Party Congress and the Parliamentary Vote Against the Arrest of Lee Jae-Myung.

Utah Pro-Life Orgs Take Victory Lap Over Abortion Clinic Ban, Eye More Legislation

Why Aren't Any Colleges Showing Their Research that Justifies the Mandates?

Svb + FTX + SBF = WTF?

Feds' Foreign-Corruption Double Standard

Ukraine...Effective Mortar Range and a Map

Banking on Disaster

Troubling Questions Over U.S. Drone Crash Near Crimea... an Inevitable Collision Made in Washington

The Sun Rose Anyways

The Death of Culture: How Lies Killed Books

Elon Musk Obliterates Biden After Biden Tweets Out Absurd "Fair Share" Tax Claim

Petition to Stop Offshore Wind Farm Projects Due to "Unusually High Number of Dolphins and Whale Deaths" Has 400,000+ Signatures

Disturbing Leaked Prank Call Between European Central Bank President and Fake Zelensky

NY Governor Demands Court Authorization to Detain Citizens in 'Quarantine Camps'

Dutch Farmer's Crisis: The Makings of a Famine to Come

Bill Gates Stealthily Promotes W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty by Talking to Us Like 1st Graders

NATO Looking to Send 300,000 Troops to the Russian Border

Federal Reserve Aware of Silicon Valley Bank's Risky Practices Over a Year Before Collapse

186 More Banks "Are at Risk of Failure" and that Could Push Us Into the Next Great Depression

Bad News Comes in Small Packages

Trump CV19 Vax Contract Violated by Pfizer...Karen Kingston

Former U.S. Attorney Argues Trump Could Be Indicted for Same Thing Clinton Was Fined For

Musk Responds to $100b Credit Line in $2b Ubs-Credit Suisse Deal: 'Wow'

Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen Breaks Silence After Attack at Florida Hotel

Manhattan Grand Jury Investigation Into Trump Not Over as Another Witness Invited to Testify

Louisiana Republicans Gain Historic Power as Longtime Democrat Switches Parties

Pedro Gonzalez's Failed Attacks on Donald Trump, by Boyd D. Cathey

Biden's VA Axes Lincoln Quote in 50 Percent of Facilities, Replaces with PC Version

Top Strategies to Beat Snoring, According to New Poll of Sleepless Adults

GOP Donor Anton Lazzaro Faces Trial on Charges of Sex Trafficking Minors

Mysterious Streaks of Light Seen in the Sky Over California. Astronomer Responds.

Longtime Conservative Activist Has Advice for Trump Supporters Considering Protesting

Swiss Bank Fails Bail-Ins Implemented as Seniors' Pensions Raided...Chaos in Europe as France Burns

The War on Yugoslavia 24 Years Ago: Milosevic Exonerated by the Icty, as the NATO War Machine Moves On

SATIRE: 'Conservatives Can't Define Woke' Shouts Leftist Who Can't Define 'man' or 'Woman'

As the Economic Storm Approaches... on Viewpoint This Sunday

A Ray of Light in the Encroaching Darkness

Football Fans Stuck on Train Ordered Beer Delivery with Just 60 Seconds to Spare at Next Station--Watch the Hilarity

A Law to Protect Children from Gender Mutilation Has Just Taken Effect....

FDIC Prepares to Break Up Silicon Valley Bank, Report Says

New Network of Lawyers Battle Diversity Equity and Inclusion Mandates

America's New "Angels of Death": Inject Humanity with a Gene-Altering Death-Dealing Technology. Medical Professionals Cannot Claim Ignorance

'It's Happening Everywhere': Lawmakers Push to Ban Secret Student Pronoun Changes, Keep Parents Involved

Pence Says an Arrest of Trump Would Be a 'Politically Charged Prosecution'

John Kirby 'Not Aware' of Any Violent Threats Related to Trump's Call for Protest

Surprise Witness Coming in Trump Case on Monday in Manhattan

Biden Proposes Nearly $2 Billion More for ATF in Fiscal 2024

Jim Jordan: 'real America Knows' Trump Arrest 'Is All a Sham'

China's 'Largest Military Buildup' Sparks Warning to U.S.

SATIRE: Holy Land Tourists Behold the Projector Screen Paul Used to Play 'Braveheart' Clips While Preaching

10 Year Old Canadian Hockey Player Died Suddenly on March 11: Canada's Vaccine Mandates are a Serious Crime

The Scourge of Hegemon USA and Its Western Vassals

Blinded by Light

Big Pharma & Direct-To-Patient Advertising Is the Problem

Died Suddenly...Covid Shots are the Obvious Connection

Donald Trump Has Got It Right on World War 3

Trudeau Stalls While Australia Passes Anti-China Interference Laws,

UK MP Speech on Harms of Covid Shot Delivered to an Empty Chamber

Exit from the Matrix: The Surpassing Power of Imagination,

SATIRE: Usher Collecting Offering Flips iPad Around for Worshippers to Select Tip Amount

Trump Calls Persecutor Alvin Bragg a "Racist" in Fiery Social Posts

Researchers: China Getting Better at Hiding Cyberspying

Biden Economy: Ed Dowd Issues Dire Warning, "We're at the End and It's Imploding on Itself"

Die Gute Nachricht: Die Welt Scheint Sich Trotz Anhaltender Probleme Langsam Aber Sicher Zum Besseren Zu Verndern

Trump Calls Out Biden for His Involvement in Looming Arrest and 'Assault on Democracy'

Lawmakers Considering Giving Regular $1,000 Stimulus Checks from Oregon

Giving Up Biometrics at US Airports Soon Won't Be Optional, Transport Security Chief Says

Why There Is No Such Thing as "Safe" Tap Water

Stove Restrictions Expand to Other Appliances

NY Times Admits It: Another "Conspiracy Theory" Turns Out to Be True, by Kevin Barrett

The Country Where Economic Freedom Has Grown the Most Over the Last Two Decades

The Feds Won't Protect You from the Feds

Archbishop Vigan: Reject Soros, Schwab and Gates, 'We Need an Anti-Globalist Alliance'

Manhattan D.A. Charging Trump Has Ties to Soros

The Creepy Advent of Digital Currency

A Trump Arrest Will Just Underline the Deep State's Crackdown on Freedom

A Dose of Reality: Can You Handle It?

CRISPR Gene Editing Reverses 'Permanent' Vision Loss in Mice--Offering Hope for Retinitis Pigmentosa Patients

U.S. Doctors Admit Tens of Thousands Killed During the "Pandemic" by Putting Them on Ventilators

Lowes Introduces Surveillance Robots that Monitor License Plates, Mobile Devices, to Detect Repeat Offenders

As 20 Year Anniversary of Iraq War Arrives, Experts Say the Biden Regime Is Not Leaving Any Time Soon

Grover Norquist: Biden's Tax Plan Will 'Trickle Down' and Pummel the Middle Class

Mexican Leaders Mount 'Deception Campaign' to Deny Fentanyl Involvement as GOP Seeks Cartel Crackdown

Suzanne Downing: Biden's Interior Secretary Dishes Out Icy Revenge on Alaskans

Mike McKenna: Republicans are Drawing a Line in the Sand on Energy

Deroy Murdock: While Leftists Fight the Racist Ghosts of Yesterday, America Falls to Pieces

20 Lies About the Iraq War

Credit Suisse: Down the Drain, or Converting Into a Bank for the People

Chaos in Pakistan: Imran Khan Takes on America and Its "Comprador Elites"

Assad Welcomes Russian Presence in Syria

Descendants of Charles Dickens and 'Jacob Marley' Meet-Up 180 Years After Author Named Character in Christmas Carol

Science Imitates Moonbattery: Male--Male Reproduction

Oversight Chair James Comer: Very Odd that Trump Indictment Announced Day After Biden Bank Records Released...We Have 11 More Deals to Release

Iranian TV Fills the "Blank Spots" in Our National History, by Ron Unz

Teacher Confirms Gender Confusion Is the Goal

Print Out Assange Artwork for Free (Or Order It If You'relazy)

Zelensky Persecutes Christian Churches Linked to Russia; America Turns a Blind Eye

African Country Burundi Detects Polio Outbreak Linked to Polio Oral Vaccine...Vaccine-Induced Polio Is Now More Prevalent than the Wild Type

Censorship Masquerades and Disinformation Control

'Free Speech Crisis': Stanford Law School Spent Years Building Out Its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureaucracy

The Scourge of NYT Fake News

The US Has the World Setup for a Worse Financial Crisis than in 2008

How Putin and Xi are Planning to Overthrow the New World Order

$125 Million to Care for 1,000 Monkeys

Instagram Cofounder Says the App Has 'Lost the Soul'

Pentagon Mobilized to Help Defense Tech Startups After Svb Failure

Amazon Sued for Not Telling Customers About Facial Recognition

2,500 Gallons of Diesel Spills in Train Derailment Near Anacortes

50 Years Ago, Researchers Discovered a Leak in Earth's Oceans

China Simulates Ballistic Missile Attack on US

The Looming Threat of Deep-Sea Mining

39% of Americans Can't Sleep

China Closes Deloitte's Beijing Officeover Serious Audit Deficiencies

China Proposes 'Global Civilization Initiative'

Levels of Carcinogenic Chemical Near Ohio Derailment Site Far Above Safe Limit

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg Responds to Trump's Statements About Being Arrested, Calls to Action

Former Top Trump Administration Official Who Launched Pro-Desantis Super PAC Reveals His Mission

FDA Recalls Frozen Organic Strawberries Over Fears They Triggered Hepatitis A

CDC Bought Phone Data to Monitor Americans' Compliance with Lockdowns, Contracts Show

Lindsey Graham Clashes with Audience Member at South Carolina Presidential Forum Over Ukraine: 'Just Shut Up'

Officer Honored for Saving Baby's Life with CPR: 'I Thank God He Put Me There'

The Quicksand

Moonbats Realize that Eating Insects Oppresses Them

Twitter Is Foreigner, Can't Have Foe Protection Under Article 19: Centre Tells Karnataka Hc

US Woman Finds Listing for Her Own Job with Higher Salary. She Reapplies and Then...

Who Actually Switches on and Off Mics in Parliament and How Is It Done

Mumbai Designer Accused of Offering1 Crore Bribe to Amruta Fadnavis Arrested

India's Sinking Islands

Cia: How a Fake Indian Guru Duped Canadian President Justin Trudeau

Good News in History, March 19

Gujarat Conman Poses as PMo Official in Srinagar, Visits Border Post

How Gujarat Conman Kiran Patel Breached Kashmir Security and Reached the Conflict Zones

Texas Will Take Over Failing Houston School District, Prompting Backlash

Here's Why Living in the Mountains Could Be the Best Thing for Your Health

The Current Elite Selection In The US Invariably Leads to White Cowards Serving Jewish Bullies

Jesus Silences Your Accusers

Democrat Party Equals Totalitarian Dictatorship, Part 1

Don't Let the Eve Become the Day

More Community Boards Pass 5G Moratoriums; More Legislators, Organizations, Residents Oppose Installation

Svb's London Bankers Received Up to $36 Million in Bonuses Days After Boe-Orchestrated Bailout

Flashback: G20 Rules Make Bank Bail-Ins a Reality (2015)

Company Wants to Install Data Collection Centers in Locations that Would Benefit from Free Wasted Data Collection Center Heat

Trump Conviction Would Probably Be Overturned on Appeal: Alan Dershowitz

Two More GOP States Exit National Voter Verification Coalition

Study Finds 186 Banks Vulnerable to Svb-Like Collapse

Trump-Stormy Daniels Settlement at Heart of Potential NY DA Indictment Didn't Violate Campaign Law: Fec Expert

Texas Mom Says Her 13-Year-Old Daughter Played a 'seducing Hooker' During Classroom Game

US Terrorist Attack on Nord Stream Pipelines and Tectonic Weapons in Turkey

Central Bank Digital Currencies Would Bring Hyperinflation

'There are Big Bucks in Medicine': Doctors Rip 'Gender-Affirming Care' Model

McCarthy Orders Probe Into Manhattan DA Ahead of Trump Arrest

What's Killing Cattle in Colorado While Leaving No Tracks?

WEF Pushes for 'End of Cash' Amid Banking Crisis

Bank Failures: Is Everything 'Fine,' or About to Collapse?

Kevin McCarthy Pledges to Investigate 'Outrageous Abuse of Power' by NYC DA Alvin Bragg Over Potential Trump Indictment

Iraq War Based on Fake Intelligence: Sexed-Up Report on Death of Weapons Inspector David Kelly, Findings Challenged by Medical Doctors

New Version of ChatGPT 'Lied' to Pass Captcha Test, Saying It Was a Blind Human

The DOJ Just Launched an Investigation Into TikTok's Owner for Allegedly Spying on American Citizens Including Journalists

James O'Keef Exposes the Government Conspiracy to Frame Protestors

George Soros Exposed as Major Force Behind Trump's Prosecution and Imminent Arrest

Covid mRNA Vaccine Spike Protein Injury to the Testes: Diagnosis to Death in Days or Weeks

Richard Grove Interview...Today's Education System Is Just Indoctrination, Time to Retake the Reins

The Scourge of Tony Blair

Northern Border Agents Catch Illegal Immigrant Wanted on Assault Charges

The "Experts" Have Been Killing Us...And Their Reputations

4 Important Things to Know About Trump's Impending Arrest

olds, Alberta Canada Undrip15-Minute Cities

15-Minute City Living Explained by Randy Hillier, Former Ontario MPp

Trump Received 'No Notification' Other than 'Illegal Leaks' About Possible Arrest Next Week, Spokesperson Says

CNN's Burnett Admits that Evidence of Chinese Funneling Money to Biden Crime Family 'Doesn't Look Good'

Twitter's Elon Musk Predicts Trump Will Win Re-Election in 'Landslide Victory' If Arrested

Pelosi, Democrats Calls Trump's Arrest Warning 'reckless,' Accuse Him of Fomenting 'Unrest'

Teen Suing Doctors for Removing Breasts at Age 13, Putting Her on Puberty Blockers: Letter

CBS News Meteorologist Faints During Live Broadcast

How to B Happy with Amelia Love

This Is... Our Normandy; Our Battle of the Bulge; Our Iwo Jima

US Army Punitive Actions on Religious Accommodation Requests

Former Green Beret: Strategies to Navigate the Minefields of Fear

When Government Protections Ruin Your Life

State Laws Pushing Central Bank Digital Currency Must Be Stopped

Lenin, China and the Bidens; He Who Owns the Light Bulb

The Quality of Medical Education, Medical Evidence and Medical Care

Education Was the First Target in Pandemic Injury to Society

Speaker McCarthy Vows Action After Trump Claims He Is Being Arrested on Tuesday

Trump Says 'Illegal Leaks' Indicate He'll 'Be Arrested on Tuesday of Next Week'

Media Anxiety Spike After Trump Urges Supporters to Protest His Potential Arrest: 'January 6 Talk'

History of the Rockefeller Family: John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937), the World's First Billionaire

Bill Gates, Vaccinations, Microchips and Patent 060606

"Electronic Money" Under "The One World Order" (OWO): Are We Becoming "Money Slaves"?

U.S. Regime Has Killed 20-30 Million People Since World War II

Lab-Grown Meat Is Made of Cancer Cells. Would You Like It Rare or Medium?

Long History of US-Russia Confrontation. Analysis of Ukraine-Russia Relations

Implementation of Agenda 2030: "Personal Carbon Allowances". Study

NBA Legend Michael Jordan Prepping to Sell Stake in 1.7 Billion Dollar Business..

The CDC Has Been Caught Spying on Nearly 25% of the Country....

The Press Confronted Biden's Gatekeeper and She Giggled Like A....

What Caused One Million Dead Fish in One River Is Launching an Investigation Into...

Oxfam Erases "Mother" and "Father" in New Language Guide

St. Patrick's Day Humiliation: Biden Declared 'World's Worst Catholic' by Irish Writer

Two Sisters Put Up for Adoption at End of WWII Finally Reunite After 75 Years Apart

'Organize His Domestic Terrorists': Liberals Melt Down Over Trump's Response to Potential Arrest

SATIRE: Law Enforcement Desperately Searching for Handcuffs Big Enough to Fit Trump's Very Massive, Large Hands

SATIRE: Manhattan DA Announces Plan to Get Trump Elected in 2024

Susan Hawley on the Demise of the SFO

"Take Our Nation Back": Trump Calls for Protests as 'Imminent' Arrest Expected

Polls Show Trump Leading Desantis in Texas and Florida

Power Slap Ditches Tbs for Rumble

"Disinformation Experts" Blame "Conspiratorial Narratives," "Far-Right Websites," for Silicon Valley Bank Panic

NYC Supermarket "Collects Biometric" Data on Shoppers

Escalation USA Verso Oriente

Stanford Law Descends Into Barbarism

8th Annual Ocean Conference Raises $20 Billion, and Pledges for Marine Protection

Liberals Ignored U.S. Reports on Chinese Interference for Decades,

David Menzies...Two More Covert Chinese Police Stations Reportedly in Montreal

SATIRE: Man Wishes He Got Excited About Anything in Life Like His Three-Year-Old Seeing a Backhoe

After Slamming Georgia's "Foreign Agents" Law, EU Prepares One of Its Own

Biden Regime to Arrest Trump?

Wales Demonstrates that Wokeism Is Cultural Genocide

"A Vaccine in Record Speed"

Justification to Wage War on Iraq Based on "Fake Intelligence". Whistleblower Dr. David Kelly: Who Ordered His Assassination?

93-Year-Old Grandma Creates 6-Foot Buckingham Palace Entirely Out of Wool-Look at the Incredible Details

Even CNN Is Reporting on Biden Corruption After Biden Crime Family Received $1 Million Indirectly from Chinese Company

China Moves to Bring Latin America Into Its New World Order

Kari Lake...[Ds] Panic Mode, the Election Cheating Is Being Exposed, the People Know, Game Over

Norman Rockwell Artwork Stolen and Hidden in White House

Carla Sands: Biden Regime Is Dazed and Confused When It Comes to American Energy

'A National Disaster': Republicans Rip 'Outrageous' Potential Indictment of Trump

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Biden DOJ Coordinating with Manhattan DA to Prosecute Trump; Calls for Congress to Investigate

TikTok Launches Influencer Campaign to Stop Ban Amid FBI Probe

Hunter Biden Finally Admits to Family's Chinese Communist Party-Linked Deals Worth Millions

Cleanliness, Tidiness Shown by 'Pantry Porn' Trend Is Racist Claims White Loyola Professor

Chart Showing Central Bank Gold Purchases Over Last Three Decades Will Shock You

What It Means When Democrats Say They "Want to Reduce Gun Violence"

New Monster Energy Drink Features Demonic Symbols on Its Cans

20 Years Later: The Truth About the Media and the Iraq War

Three Years to Slow the Spread Marked the Advent of Push-Button Tyranny

Jupiter Falling? Macron Government in Jeopardy as Opposition Parties File Motions of No Confidence

Exit from the Matrix: Creative Techniques,

A Foot to the Seat of Lori Lightfoot's Pants

Will AI Go Rogue?

NIAID Website Belies Longtime Director Fauci's Claim to Have Urged 'Open Mind' on Covid Origin

Conquered: Left-Wing German Officials Inaugurate Street Signs in Arabic

Why Is the NY Times Urging America to Buddy Up with Communist China?

FDA Grants Emergency Authorization of Pfizer's Bivalent Covid Booster in Children Under 5 Years Who Completed Three Monovalent Shots

Josh Hammer: Ron Desantis' Response to the Foreign Policy 'Blob' Is Pure Political Dynamite

Ronna McDaniel: Widespread Bank Failures Highlight Biden's Utter Incompetence

Feminism Is Incompatible with Americanism

Woke 'Pastor' Accuses Republican Women of 'Internalized Misogyny' and I Have Thoughts

Election Watchdogs Discover $200m Laundering Scheme Using 'smurfs'

White House Rejects Ceasefire in Ukraine as China Mediation Intensifies

MSM Remains Silent, Uncurious Over Fetterman's Disappearance

Farm Moratorium? Democrats are Intentionally Destroying Our Food Supply Over "Climate Change"

Iraq and 15 Lessons We Never Learned

Italian Swimmer Took His Own Life After Long Period of Suffering from Covid Shot Reaction

Providence Missionary Baptist Church Hate Hoax

2024 Wacky Racers

Shadow Banking Whistleblower: "They Have the Names" w/ Mike Gill

Louisiana Man to Be Chemically Castrated After Juvenile Rape Conviction

Americans to Bear Burden of Monetary System's Gradual Deterioration, Economist Says

James O'Keefe: It's Time to 'Decentralize' Journalism

The Flu Vaccine Is Too Deadly to Be Used and Should Be Pulled from the Market

Epidemic of Sudden Adult Deaths Finally Made News

Angry Words Fly at Fiery School Board Meeting Over Book that Depicts Child Rape

Biden Denies Family Received Money from Chinese Firm Via Hunter Biden Associate

Trans HHS Official Has 'No Regrets,' Glad Waited to 'Transition' to Have 'my Children' in Throwback Clip

Nine-Year-Old Recognized for Saving Mother's Life: 'You're My Little Nurse'

CNN Correspondent Reporting on San Francisco Street Crime Falls Victim to Car Break-In

Good News in History, March 18

CDC and FDA Double Down on Jabbing America and Q&A 60 on America Out Loud Pulse

How Progressives are Destroying Our Economy, Our Security & Our Rights

Resolution in U.S. Senate to Recognise McMahon Line as International Boundary Between China and Arunachal Pradesh

Man Reaches Agreement with Two Wives, Will Spend 3 Days a Week with Each, Free to Choose on Sunday

How Ola Wilfully Endangered Its Riders

700 Indian Students Face Deportation from Canada as Admission Offer Letters Found Fake

Tariffs are a Benefit Second Only to God

Conspiracy Theorists Rock

Evidence of the Covid Conspiracy

Britain and France Unsuccessfully Attempt to Force Russia Out of Central Asia

The Number of Beef Cows in the U.S. Drops to the Lowest Level Since 1962 as the Global Food Crisis Intensifies

Janet Yellen Just Poured Lighter Fluid on Every Small Bank in America

Erdogan Signals Turkey to Accept Finnish Application to NATO. Sweden Could Swiftly Follow

Detransitioned Woman Tells Texas Lawmakers No Parent Has the Right to Mutilate and Sterilize Their Child

Human-Shaped Robots with Dexterous Hands Will Be Staffing Warehouses, Retail Stores, Tending to the Elderly Within a Decade

Banks are Borrowing Billions to Maintain Liquidity Amid Banking Crisis, Fed Data Shows

California School District Emails Reveal Students Were Secretly Gender Transitioned

Plagiarism and Fake Intelligence Used to Justify 2003 War on Iraq: Copied and Pasted from the Internet Into an "Official" Document

Newly Released Review of Fluoride's Toxicity Highlights Ntp Scientist's Battle to Follow the Science

Arrest Warrant Issued for Putin for War Crimes? Hold on a Minute

Accusations of Psychosis for Freedom

A Haunting Anniversary

'Face' Team Fear for Their Lives; Tucker Carlson Threatened

3 Years to Slow the Spread

Separate Money and the State

No, We Don't Need More Nuclear Weapons

Coffee Hour with the Feds

Why So Many Pediatricians Do 'Well-Child Visits'

Joe Rogan and Russell Brand on Censorship, Control and Media

Credit Chaos

Biden Has Now Been on Vacation More Days than the Rounds of Golf Played by Donald Trump His Entire First Term

"Woke, Out of Touch Leftist"..."View'" Host Admits She Has Not Gone Grocery Shopping in Years Due to Covid...Twitter Reacts

Biden Tells Irish Singer His Music Reminds Him of "When Scranton Died"

Biden HHS Official Rachel Levine Says Changing Kids' Genders Will Soon Be Normalized

Not a Joke: "New Evidence" that Was Actually Obtained in Early 2020 Suggests "Raccoon Dogs" Responsible for Covid

'Uncle Sugar': 'Generous' Spending During Covid Pandemic Led to Bank Failures, Bill Maher Says

'People Just Flocked': DCNF Reporter Describes Northern Border Chaos with People Crossing 'Both Ways'

Distressing Moment Female Teacher Quits in the Middle of Class After Being Taunted by Kids

Keanu Reeves 'Heartbroken' Over Death of 'John Wick' Co-Star Lance Reddick

NFL Player Abruptly Announces Retirement: 'my Health Is Above Anything'

As a Former Credit Suisse Risk Management Shlub, I Ask: Is DEI Bringing Down the Banking System?, by John Derbyshire

Love, Inspiration & Hope are Free

Trump Team Issues Statement After News of Possible Looming Charges

Suppressed Documents Show Scientists with U.S. Government Find Fluoride Lowers IQ in Children

Nonprofits File Amicus Brief in Support of Plaintiffs in Apple iPhone Lawsuit

Apple Removes Trump's #1 Hit Song from Itunes, Restores It After Backlash But Sabotages Ranking

'I Just Lost Half My Money to This Banking Thing,' Tearful Sharon Stone Says

Feminism Is Deeply Rooted in Satanism and the Occult...

CDC Bought Access to Americans' Phone Location Data to Monitor Compliance with Lockdowns, Social Distancing and More, Contracts Show

Hunter Biden Sues Laptop Repair Shop Owner Over Alleged Invasion of Privacy

CNN Claims GOP Has No 'Evidence of Wrongdoing' on Joe and Hunter Biden

It Looks as If Trump Will Be Arrested Next Week and That's Not Even the Worst of It

Pfizer, CDC Withheld Evidence of Myocarditis After Covid Shots, New Documents Reveal

Star Seed w/ Jason Quitt

Bailout Failure Bank Runs Drain $550 Billion in Deposits in One Week...Are We Looking at an Infrastructure Collapse that Will Be Blamed on "Cyber Attacks"?

'I'm Back': Trump Breaks His Facebook Silence

'Transparency': Twitter Will Open a Key Part of Its Source Code to the Public, Elon Musk Says

Gov. Newsom Makes Abrupt Reversal After Tough Talk on Big Oil

'Jurassic Park' Star Sam Neill Reveals He Has 'Ferocious' Stage 3 Cancer

Credit Suisse Bank Admits "Material Weakness" as Shares Plunge and Investors Panic

Court Victory in Texas

Trump Posts for First Time on Facebook Since Two-Year Suspension: 'I'm Back'

Saint Patrick's Day 2023 Remembrance: England's "Irish Slaves"

Taiwan Warns Moving Semiconductor Plants to America Will Raise Prices

Riots Erupt in France Over Macron's Decision to Raise Retirement Age

Icc Issues Arrest Warrant for Vladimir Putin

SATIRE: What's that Flying Overhead OMG Sweet It's a Freakin' Helicopter

SATIRE: Uh-Oh: Fine Print in Noahic Covenant Says Promise Not to Flood the Earth Is Void If Humanity Starts Using Rainbow Colors to Refer to Weird Sex Stuff

SATIRE: It's Getting Cold. So Cold. It's Almost the End. Goodbye, Cruel... World...

Biden Economy: Emergency Loans to US Banks Reach Highest Level Ever This Week...Smashing 2008 Record

Ireland: Emerald Isle, Tragic Isle, by Jared Taylor

SATIRE: Archaeologists Discover Steel Cage Where Jacob Wrestled God

SATIRE: St. Patrick Glad He Brought Christianity to the Anglo-Saxons So Their Descendants Could Get Plastered and Punch Each Other

SATIRE: Bad Luck: Leprechaun Put All His Pots O' Gold in Silicon Valley Bank

The New World Order Crisis and "The Reproduction of Real Life": Food, Water and Energy. Three Fundamental Necessities of Life in Jeopardy

Watchdog Group to Investigate Biden's "Woke Army"

Dem Politician Says DEI Is "God." So Who Is Satan?

Is War Between East& West Coming?

'Have Our Voices Heard': House Republicans Gather Florida Parents' Input Ahead of Education Bill Vote

Twitter Files: US Government Helped Launch Project Where Millions of Online Posts Were Flagged for Censorship

Arguments are Set to Be Made in a Lawsuit that Threatens the Future of Digital Libraries

Finally CDC to Look Into Reports of Adverse Reactions from Vaccines

China's Money to Trudeau Foundation Key to Election Victory,

The Remarkable Underground Railroad

NYT Columnist Melts Down Over Trump's 'real Resonance' with Americans

Biden Poses for Photo with Member of Alleged Chinese Intel Front Group at L.A. Gun Control Rally

SATIRE: Man Who Feels Terrible Begins Exercising So He Can Feel a Different Kind of Terrible

A Lesson Learned from El Salvador's Crackdown on MS-13

John Zadrozny: FDA Hiding Data on Puberty Blockers, Sex Hormones for Children

Hunter Biden Admits to Biden Crime Family's China Deals for Millions After Years of Denial

Elon Musk Hammers 'Woke' Politician for Trans Remarks: 'Every Child Goes Through an Identity Crisis'

War with Taiwan? It Would Be Our Craziest War Ever., by Ted Rall

4 Years After Discovery, the First Viking Ship Burial Found in Over 100 Years Reveals Its Lost Secrets

House Oversight Seeks Testimony from Hunter Biden Associate Who Distributed Chinese Payments to Four Biden Crime Family Members

European Commission Claims Svb's Collapse Poses No Risk to EU, But Doubts Remain

Ten Republican Senators Offer a Bill to Codify Heller and Bruen Decisions Into Law

Tennessee Lawmakers Consider Ending Federal Funding of Education

The CDC Purchased Private Location Data on Over 55 Million Americans to Monitor Lockdown Compliance

Veronique De Rugy: What Biden's Budget Really Aims to Do

There's Someone Planning to Run for President from Prison, and It's Not Who...

Her Reaction to Her Son Being Given "Islamic Homework" Will Make You Cheer....

Aliens, Gene Modification and Transhumanism, Through the Lens of Scripture

Postmodern Society at the Velocity of Information

Justice in a World of Chaos: Lt. Joe's Reflections

What Lies are We Believing Today? Examining Quasi-Truths and Dogmas

The Transformation of America Continues with Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

In Search of Answers for All These Stupid Questions

China's Plan for World Domination: After Dark's Insights

The Activation #24: The Intersection of Spirituality and Activism with Miriam Gomez

Darwin Stupidity, Globalists Exposed, Depopulation, Strippers...Jim Willie

Trilateral Commission Declares "2023 Is Year One of This New Global Order"

Psyops are Not New, Just More Dangerous

Why Is the Wuhan Lab Leak Recirculating Now?

Jacinda Ardern Is Tipped for Top Internet Censorship Role

North Korea Says It Aimed to 'strike Fear Into the Enemies' with Latest Missile Test

Debra Saunders: One of America's Most Prestigious Law Schools Is Doomed

Illegitimate Icc

Professor Denounces Problematic Pantry Porn

A Minnesota Facility Admits to a Radioactive Leak

Idaho "School Choice" Bill Fails Over Lack of "Accountability"

China Worried as Japan Accelerates "Dangerous" Militarization

Massive Excess Death Continues and Only the Vaccine Can Explain It

International Criminal Court Hits Putin with Arrest Warrant

San Francisco Bay Area's War on Gas Appliances Could Lead to More Blackouts, Experts Say

US Court Rules There Is a Human Right to a 'Life-Sustaining' Climate

Mar-A-Lago Staff Subpoenaed to Testify in Trump Classified Documents Case

Judicial Watch Victory: Court Rejects Argument of Terrorist-Tied Qatar and Orders Release of Documents About Its Funding of Texas A&M

Sanctions Protect Russia from Banking Crisis

Gavin Newsom Kept Svb Ties Secret While Lobbying for Bailout

Africa Is Slowly Splitting Into Two Creating a New Ocean

The Brilliant Inventor Who Made Two of History's Biggest Mistakes

The Saudi Video that Set Credit Suisse on Fire

Who Is Still Inside the Metaverse? Searching for Friends in Mark Zuckerberg's Deserted Fantasyland

Ireland's Astonishing Economic Growth Holds an Important Lesson

Hunter Biden Sues Computer Repairman John Paul Mac Isaac...Risks Putting All His Sexcapades and Corrupt Foreign Business Deals in the Spotlight Again

Another Twitter Files Drop: The Great Covid Lie Machine...Stanford, the Virality Project and the Censorship of "True Stories"

Lions in India? Gujurat State to Open New Asiatic Lion Sanctuary as Numbers Soar in Its Last Stronghold

Moody's Downgrades U.S. Banking System to 'Negative'

Is Credit Suisse Next to Fail

Dinosaur for Sale for $10 Million

Zelensky Wants to Change the Name of Russia

China Is Preparing the Dalai Lama's Succession

US Terrorism Against Nord Stream: A Polish Perspective

Janet Yellen Admits Smaller Regional Midwest Banks Will Not Be Bailed Out...Only Big Banks Deemed Worthy by Biden Regime

Biden Curse: Old Joe's March Madness Bracket Gets Busted on First Day

Republican Lawmakers Unveil New Plan to Spike Biden's Student Loan Bailout

Dem-Linked Nonprofit Sues Desantis Admin for Records on Decision to Reject AP History Class

Staggering Price Tag, Logistical Hurdles Make Biden's Climate Agenda a 'Fool's Errand,' Report Says

Pfizer Recalls Millions of Pills Over Risk of Child Poisoning

Dem State Rep Stripped of Leadership Roles Until Further Notice After Crash and DUI Arrest

Mexico vs. the United States, by Gregory Hood

Biden's Minyan and the Holocaust Narrative, by E. Michael Jones

Protests Erupt After France's Macron Bypasses Parliament to Pass Pension Reform

Alfa News Tweet

'simply Obscene': FDA Approves Fourth Covid Shot for Infants and Kids Under 5 by Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

Is China Gearing Up for War? By: Dave Patterson

Kellogg's Donated $91 Million After BLM Harassed Them for Having Three White Boys on Their Cereal Box

^Now THAT's a successful shake-down!

Criminal: Payments Made to the Biden Crime Family Reported by Oversight Committee Have Direct Link to the Chinese Communist Party

Covid Shot Injuries: Ear and Labyrinth Disorders...Tinnitus, Vertigo, Ear Pain, Hearing Problems, Deafness

Surge in Global Weapons Sales: Top Ten Exporters of Major Arms

The US Blockade and Its Effects on Cuban Medicine

Synthetic mRNA Covid Shots. the Critical Role of Pseudouridine

Blood and Treasure: United States Budgetary Costs and Human Costs of 20 Years of War in Iraq and Syria, 2003-2023

Free Speech for Peace Not Supported by "Stand with Ukraine"

Constructive Diplomacy Isn't Possible When We are Demanding Capitulation

New Yellowstone Spin-Off Series Dramatizes Life of Historic Black U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves in the Wild West

EPA Admin Slams States Trying to Block Transportation of Toxic Waste from Ohio Train Derailment Site

Florida's GOP Reps Reveal Where They Stand on Trump vs. Desantis

U.S. to Spend $50 Million on "Post-Release Services" for Migrant Youths

Rep. Raskin Covered for Bidens, Ignored the $1 Million from the Chinese

Russian Gas Hub in Turkey, a Profitable Reality

'New' Bipartisan Consensus In The US Against China Aims Total War

The Kids are Owl Right

Sound Money Solutions to Fix Banking Crisis

Pro-Life Students Hounded Out of Smithsonian Score Legal Victory

Former Professor Says Christian University Ended His Contract for Teaching About 'Racial Justice'

FBI, DOJ Investigating TikTok Parent Over Surveillance of Americans

Silicon Valley Bank Parent Company Files for Bankruptcy

New Degree Data Could Be a Disastrous Sign for Universities

Imminent 5G Induced Genocide: Vaccinated Vulnerable to 5G Kill Grid's Deadly Tech...Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Paying Tribute to Truth

US Blackmails Switzerland to Boost Military Support to Ukraine

French President Macron Approves the Pension Reform by Decree

'silent Pandemic' Warning from W.H.O.: Bacteria Killing Too Many People Due to Antimicrobial Resistance

Marianne Williamson Responds to Claims She Flies Into Fits of 'Foaming, Spitting, Uncontrollable Rage'

Florida Lawmaker Pushing to Make 'Woke' Employers Responsible for Detransitions Fires Back at Biden

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Officers Rescue Three-Year-Old Trapped in Sinking Car: 'God Is Good'

Watchdog Group Launches Investigation Into Biden's 'Woke Army'

Banks are Hiding at Least $620 Billion in Losses, Creating a Ticking Time Bomb of Financial Disaster

Every St. Patrick's Day, Everywhere, All at Once: A Disaster for Ireland

Biden's Bailout of Silicon Valley Bank Helped Save Investment Flow to Sensitive Chinese Aerospace and Defense Ventures

"I'm Not Sure Anyone Should Be Taking Them"...Florida Surgeon General Declares mRNA Covid Shots Have a "Terrible Safety Profile"

Evidence of Cheese-Making to Circumvent Lactose Intolerance 6,000 Years Ago Found in Poland

Waterstones...Stop Pushing Dangerous Gender Ideology at Children

Is the 'Luck of the Irish' Is Real? Residents of Ireland Report More Good Fortune and Lucky Charms

Republicans to Turn Up the Heat on Mayorkas After Border Patrol Chief's Bombshell Testimony

Creating Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities

^Great article!

Bashar Al-Assad's Visit to Moscow and the Changing Face of the Middle East

GOP Rep to Unveil Bill that Would Allow Active, Retired Law Enforcement to Concealed Carry in School Zones

India's Reliance Shifts Traders from Mumbai to Russian Hub Dubai

Good News in History, March 17

Oregon Firearm Federation- Anti Gun Avalanche

EPA Issues Toxics Release Inventory 2021 Report on Chemical Releases and Waste Management in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest

How to Avoid the "Financial Hardship Department" Email Scam

Rose Quarter Highway Project Should Focus on Congestion and Traffic Safety. Period.

On the 20th Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq, It Must Be Clear: The U.S. Is the Greatest Threat to World Peace and Collective Humanity

Why Three US Banks Collapsed in One Week: Economist Michael Hudson Explains

Graeme MacQueen: The Indispensable 9/11 Writer's Latest Book

Betting All on Hegemony; Risking All, to Stave Off Ruin

Deposit Insurance and Cheap Money...The Ultimate Financial Bad Guys

China's Rise, America's Fall

Now They're Lying About the Banks

How I Knew the Democrats and the Media Were Lying About January 6th

The Great Bond Bomb Was Ticking So Loudly No One Could Hear It Over Its Own Noise

The Federal Reserve Is the Root Cause of the Banking Crisis

My List of America's Top Ten Worst Presidents

Desantis Is Finished as a Presidential Candidate

Global Agenda for World Domination

Federal Bill Would Defund States that Allow Secret Gender Transitions at School

Hallie Biden Identified as Mystery Biden Crime Family Member Who Received China-Linked Payments

Mexican Lawmakers Grant Interior Ministry Control Over Biometric Data, Spark Controversy

How Much Do You Know About Health Risks from Electrically Powered Frequency Medicine Devices?

The Big Banks Have Bailed Out First Republic, But Who Is Going to Bail Out the Big Banks When They Start Failing?

Khalistan Supporters Force Indian Consulate in Brisbane's to Close Down

Who Is Ravi Chaudhary? The Indian-American to Take Key Position in Pentagon

2 H3n2 Deaths in Maharashtra Related to Covid Shot

India Allows Entry of Foreign Law Firms

India's Digital Transactions More than that of US, China, Europe Combined

Who Is Eric Garcetti, the New Us Ambassador to India?

Rupee Closer to Replacing Dollar as 18 Nations Agree to Trade in Inr

India and UAE to Collaborate on Developing Digital Currencies

Shark Tank Star Questions the Need for 'Tiny Regional Banks'

Mike McKenna: Despite Biden's Budget Being Dead on Arrival, It Can Still Come Back to Haunt Us in 2024

Confidential Pfizer Documents Reveal Pharma Giant Had 'Evidence' Suggesting 'Increased Risk of Myocarditis' Following Covid Shots in Early 2022

Biden's DOJ Tells Court More than 1,000 People Could Still Face Charges in Connection with January 6

Dominoes, by Bruce O'Hara

Farmers' Protest Party Win Shock Dutch Vote Victory...The PPC Could Do the Same Here in Canada

US Government Releases Censored Documents Detailing Fluoride's Impact on Childhood Iq

David Stockman on Washington's Panicked Bailout of Bank Deposits... Here's What Comes Next

A Positive New Milestone in Saudi-Iranian Relations

Covid Drug Remdesivir Estimated to Have Killed 100,000 Americans

Why Conservatives Should Study and Preserve Medieval History

Chicago Police Chief Leaves Office After More than Two Years of Surging Crime

Tensions Between Us and China Will Only Grow as Both Countries Enter an AI Arms Race, Experts Say

Rand Paul Storms Out of Meeting After Democrats Play Dirty to Stop His Amendments to Protect Unvaccinated Firefighters

Mickey Is Dying w/ Mickey Weems

SATIRE: Stephen Colbert Finally Gets Someone to Laugh at His Show

SATIRE: Gringotts Bank Fails Due to Unsustainable Business Model of Hoarding Customers' Gold in a Giant Cavern Protected by a Friggin' Dragon

SATIRE: Californians Growing Concerned as Animals Seen Going Two by Two Toward Large Wooden Boat

SATIRE: 11 Most Important Job Qualifications for a Youth Pastor

SATIRE: So, Long John Silver's Is Still a Thing

Taxpayer Advocate Says $80 Billion IRS Funding Boost Does Not Do Enough to Help Taxpayers

'They Promised, And...They Lied': Green Energy Giant a No Show at Congressional Hearing on Offshore Wind Development

Chinese Firm that Sent $3 Million to Biden Crime Family Associates Appears to Have Been Run by CCP Member

Concerning News from Td Bank

Former Project Veritas Chief James O'Keefe Announces New Media Company

Culture War: Why We Need a Revival of Biblical Filmmaking

Epa's Woke "Good Neighbor" Plan Is Irresponsible

Are We Headed Toward Central Government Control of America's Banks?

Meet the Homeschooled Gen Z Leaders Fighting for Freedom

Nullification in Action: How States are Exercising Their Constitutional Rights

'Gradually Then Suddenly' the Economy Needs Your Complete Attention

The Jan. 6th Incident: A Red Flag for Mike Pence's Presidential Bid

The Dangers of Miralax

Did Donald Trump Get Rolled by Nancy Pelosi?

Dr. Tim Ball, a Great Teacher Who Deserved the Order of Canada

Here Is Why Compromising with the Socialist Left Is Hazardous to Our Freedom

Redfield's Testimony Exposes the Difference Between Narrative and Fauci's Science

WEF Admits CBDC Is Inevitable

SATIRE: 9 Signs Your Newborn Baby Might Be Trans

Einstein They're Not: City Officials Conned Into Signing Agreement with Fake Country

Biden Aimsforthe Second Amendment,Banks Donatedbillionsto Blacklivesmatter

Republican Mississippi Gov. Leads Dem Challenger in Reelection Bid: Poll

Professor Fired Over Tweets Criticizing 'systemic Racism,' 'Black Privilege' Sues University

Pentagon 'Actively Working' to Find Doctors Who Will Provide Hormones, Puberty Blockers for US Military Kids Abroad

Only One White House Reporter Asked KJP About New Biden-China Revelations Before She Walked Out of the Room

Conservative Group Scores Victory After Legal Pressure Forces University to Approve Controversial Event

Michael Moore Descended from Slave

GOP Senator Presses Janet Yellen on Plan to Pay for Social Security: 'That's a Lie'

After a Zebra Attacked Him, He Had to Have His Arm Surgically Reattached

FDA Continues Infanticide-By-Vaccine Program, Giving Authorization for 4th Covid Shot for Children Under 5

Marianne Williamson Displayed 'Uncontrollable Rage' Toward 2020 Campaign Staff

CNN Correspondent Posts New Update on John Fetterman's Health. Twitter Responds with Doubt.

Contracts Released for CDC Purchasing of Phone Data to Track Americans' Compliance with Covid Lockdowns

Senators Introduce Bill to Televise Supreme Court Proceedings

Peter Roff: The Democrats Think Conservatives are Stupid...Stop Helping Them Prove It

'Utter Incompetence': European Officials Accuse Us of Ripping Up Banking Rules with Svb Bailout

Strangers Who Rode in Double Decker Bus 40,000 Miles Around the Americas Reunite 50 Years Later: 'The Bus Was the Hero'

Western Governments are on the Verge of Introducing Expiring Money

Deutsche Bank and WEF Look Towards the End of Cash

Inside the Legal Battle as The US Government Prevents Twitter Revealing Government Demands

The James Madison Story You Won't Read Anywhere Else

SATIRE: Man Disappointed to Learn 'Quoting Monty Python' Not a Marketable Skill

Jimmy Kimmel Is Close Friends with Jeffrey Epstein's Associate, Former Private Chef

What You Should Know About How to Help After a Disaster

Ginseng Provides Natural Help for Hair Loss

Slandering the Homeless: Mass Immigration, Not Mental Disease & Addiction, by Ilana Mercer

Daring Escape from Auschwitz

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Admits Biden's Inflation Crisis Is Linked to the Banking Crisis

Daughter-In-Law Hallie Biden Got China Cash in 2017 While Sleeping with Her Dead Husband's Brother

Justin Trudeau's China Election "Rapporteur" Appointment Is a Sham,

Demonic Tech to Transform Modern Mankind and Animals Into Monsters?

Vast Majority of Americans Oppose Corporate Diversity Quotas, Poll Shows

Europe Fires First Shot in 'Green' Trade War Against the Biden Regime

'Quite Repulsive': Students Slam Dem Lawmakers Who Demanded University Cancel Conservative Speaker Events

Brazil Outlines Law to Ban Online "Fake News" and "Hate Speech"

SATIRE: Man Survives Bank Failure Crisis by Not Having Any Money in the First Place

Why Is the White House Urgently Changing Us Ambassadors to Central Asia?

Multiculturalism, Brainwashing and Psychological Abuse, by Richard Knight

Rand Paul Walks Out of Homeland Security Hearing After Clashing with Democrat Chair

Matt Gaetz Reveals Reason He Nominated Trump for House Speaker

Email Proof the PCR Tests Have Always Been a Scam

Brazil Had a Secret Program to Track People's Location Via Cell Phone

N.Y. Ag, Elected Officials Form First Government-Sanctioned Child Grooming Gang; James to Host Drag Story Hour

Another Diverse Sex Crime

Senate Overcomes Major Hurdle in Repealing the President's War Authorizations in Iraq

Chicago Teachers Union Breaks Its Own Rules to Fund Mayoral Campaign

James O'Keefe Launches New Media Company

The Aftermath of Ola Bini's Unanimous Acquittal by Ecuadorian Court

How Government Lost 15 Million Acres of Public Land in the United States

House Oversight Committee Shows Bidens Received $1 Million After China Wired $3 Million to Biden Associate

Ego and Greed

High-School Football Coach Joe Kennedy Gets His Job Back

"Age of Democracy" Giving Way to "Age of Political Strongmen"

Are They Summoning Demons Through Ai?

Five Students Hospitalized After Eating Weed Gummies at School, Developing 'sudden Illness'

DOJ Internal Watchdog Shuts Down House Democrats' Claims Against FBI Whistleblower

Chinese Overseas Reps Meddled in Canadian City's Elections, Intel Officials Say

Biden Education Official Knocks Republican 'Book Bans,' 'Censorship' of Black History

Dem Lawmakers Propose More Aid to First Responders After Train Derailments

Democrat Senators Call on Payments Companies to Track Gun Sales

Russia Passes Law Banning Criticism of Voluntary Military Groups

Instilling Decadence at Churchill High

Mind and Mediterranean Diets Associated with Fewer Alzheimer's Plaques and Tangles

Why Every U.S. State Needs a Well-Trained Defense Force

The President's Budget Reveals the Real Priority: Tax Hikes

'That's a Lie': GOP Senator Presses Janet Yellen on Plan to Pay for Social Security

'Foaming, Spitting, Uncontrollable Rage': Biden Challenger Reportedly Traumatized Her Staffers

China Enters AI Arms Race, Flops Disastrously

Despair and Joy. the Protest Movement Against War. Manifesto Calling for Cease-Fire in Ukraine

Canada's Foreign Minister Proposes "Regime Change" in Russia

Lula Is Lying: The NATO-Russian Proxy War Isn't Being Fought "Over Small Things"

Pakistan's Coup Regime Tries to Arrest Imran Khan...But Faces Massive Popular Resistance

China's Breakthrough in the Middle East

Russian Ambassador: U.S. Politicians are Starting an "Apocalyptic Conflict"

Kentucky Bill Allowing Parents to Challenge 'Obscene' Classroom Material Heads to Governor's Desk

Biden DOJ Said It Plans a Slew of New Jan. 6 Prosecutions

Whitehead: First, They Spied on Protesters. Then Churches. You're Next...

Climate Change Flip-Flop? Bank of England Drops It, Biden Drills for Big-Oil

In Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, Asia Sees 1997 All Over Again

Maxine Albert Reveals China's Global Strategy to Cripple America

Australia to Buy Attack Submarines from U.S., Build Own with U.K. Help

"I Was Severely Injured by the Moderna Vaccine"...Former Pussycat Dolls Member Shares Her Vaccine Injury Story

US Threatens TikTok's Chinese Owners with Ban Unless They Sell App

Blackrock CEO Scales Back Emphasis on Climate Investing: 'Not ... the Environmental Police'

Ron Desantis to Lead 18 States in Alliance Against Woke Investing

Stacey Abrams Wants to Run Again. Georgia Dems Aren't Thrilled

Refrigerator-Sized Data Center Transfers Its Heat to English Swimming Pool, Saving Thousands in Energy Costs

The United States Is Literally Sucking the Blood of the Poor

Jamaica Considering Independence from Great Britain

Ransomware Group Claims to Have Hacked Ring Security Camera Data

Sergey Glazyev: 'The Road to Financial Multipolarity Will Be Long and Rocky'

Does Putin Want Nuclear War?

Stranded in Snow with No Reception, He Tied His iPhone to a Drone to Get Above Trees to Send Sos

^Brilliant! I love this!

College Students Graded on Adherence to Left-Wing Ideology, Test Shows

Diana Furchtgott-Roth: This Biden Decision Just Handed Putin a Major Win

AUMFs Have Not Been the Same as a Declaration of War

Georgia College Student on Life Support with Brain Bleed After Spring Break Trip to Mexico

Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Derails in Northwestern Arizona

Utah School Gives Kids 'Disgusting' Insects to Eat in Class for Climate Assignment on Cows Killing the Earth

Princess Diana's Brother Charles Spencer Slams Donald Trump

Video Shows Moment Russian Fighter Jet Collides with Us Drone

Death of the Dollar

Nc Woman Performs CPR, Defibrillates 17-Year-Old Daughter Who Suffered Unexplained Cardiac Arrest

Katherine Watt Exposes DoD 'Kill Box' Against Humanity:

Fingerprints of Unvaccinated NYC School Teachers Sent to FBI by Carolyn Hendler, JD

American Government Agrees to Allow UN Military Takeover By: Steve Allen

Biden to Use Executive Action to Secure Gun Control Congress Won't Pass

Silicon Valley Bank Director Was Author of Dodd-Frank Reform Law

Oxfam Criticizes IMF Loans. IMF Creates Poverty & Inequality in Developing Nations

Japanese Officials Urge Government to Tell the Truth About 210,000 Excess Deaths Following Vaccine Mandates

The Dominoes are Starting to Fall Very Rapidly Now...Could These Banks Be Next?

It's Good to Be Mean to War Propagandists

Putin Sending U.S. Weapons to Iran for Reverse-Engineering

Is China Planning to Attack Hawaii...Pearl Harbour Style

$100bn Wiped Off Us Banking Market in Single Day as Former White House Adviser Calls It 'Tip of the Iceberg'

How the China-Brokered Saudi-Iran Deal Will Change the Middle East

US Drone Crashes After Encounter with Russian Jet

Scientists Find a New Material that Could Change the Entire World: Study

Crashed Drone Was Flying with Transponders Off Towards Russian Border

British Airways Pilot Collapses and Dies Suddenly Before Flight

'H3n2 Severity Up Due to Low Virus Exposure in Pandemic' Says Experts

5000-Mile Carpet of Seaweed that Is Visible from Space Threatens Us Beaches

App Let Owner Drive Away in Wrong Tesla

'Out of Control': Diversity Initiatives Exploded at Top Office for Federal Courts in 2022

Dylan Charles and Judith Kwoba on Night Flight

Good News in History, March 16

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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