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Fall is Definitely Here

by bill - 2010-10-07 ( life / health / environment / blog )

It was actually cold all day today, but that didn't stop me and Elizabeth, then the pugs, from spending half of our day outside! First, we went exploring the new neighborhood being built nearby. I don't know why they're building. There's plenty of existing houses that no one wants to buy. Whatever. At least they've created lots of good dirt piles to climb up and down! But it kills me how they chop down all the trees first. It's just stupid.

see Trees add value to a neighborhood!

Then I came in and watched the Titans lose to the Broncos - snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as they say when someone blows a lead - while Tara took Elizabeth grocery shopping with her.

Then Elizabeth, the pugs and I spent a couple hours at the park. Elizabeth spent most of the time on the playground while I walked the dogs along the extensive paved little trail, with a couple breaks in there. They're pugs, not greyhounds. They - and I - need breaks.

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