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Luncheon For Elizabeth

by bill - 2008-01-19 04:53:09 ( in family, holmes, elizabeth) [php version]

I can't believe how nice my coworkers at Franklin are. On Friday, they had a luncheon at work for Elizabeth and Tara. They invited me, too. :) Great food, several gifts, and the biggest surprise: a money tree. Tara and I were speechless at that. It's not like my coworkers have any more "spare" money than we do. Don't worry, we'll spend it all (and then some) on Elizabeth.

Elizabeth really took to Judy, the HR director. That made Tara, an HR professional herself when she was working full-time, comment that that was a sure sign that Elizabeth was meant to be her daughter. Our sales VP, David, the father of two girls, gave me tips on how to keep the boys in line when it comes time for Elizabeth to start dating. In addition to Judy, Elizabeth made friends with everyone there, especially Paula, Jean and Janice ... that I noticed, anyway. I don't mean to leave anyone out. Paula was impressed with how well Elizabeth shares her toys.

Anyway, THANK YOU everyone at Franklin Industrial Minerals! Here are some pictures:

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