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The U.S.A. Is Now Truly A Banana Republic

by bill - 2020-11-08 01:28:01 ( in education, news, conspiracies, politics) [php version]

The USA is now officially, if we were not already, a banana republic. The Democrats have stolen the 2020 presidential election. Trump was leading in quite a few states (AZ, GA, NC, WI, MI, PA) and it looked like it was just a matter of time before those states were announced in his favor. But then, lo and behold, the counts went the other way, and Biden was deemed the prospective winner. I guess they finally got even for what happened in 2000? If you are too young to remember that, look it up. I wonder if Hillary is upset they didn't go to such extremes on her behalf four years ago?

Anyway, maybe it's time for me to move to one of the former banana republics? I've heard good things about Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. I just need to find one that is not going along with the Covid lie. You know, one that knows there is no "pandemic".

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